(warning) The following is work in progress

Goal of the survey is to identify features of the job board and website that are:

  • working well → do more of these.
  • not working well → improve these.
  • missing or desired → implement these.
  • find out who is willing to join in co-design


Is it important to ask questions like this?

  • In the past how frequently did you visit and use the WorkIn Culture website?
  • What purpose did you use the website?
    • Find out about programs
    • Learn about areas of research
    • Resources for skill building
    • Possible employment on the Job Board
    • Career and skill training on the Discovery Board

Usability / Features

  • What areas of the website was easy or pleasing to use?
    • Searching for jobs
    • Applying for jobs
    • Navigating the website
    • Finding information you wanted
    • Colour, text, and layout
    • Accessibility - suitability to physical and mental needs and preferences.
    • ...
  • What areas of the website was difficult or challenging to use?
  • If you can choose one thing to make better on the website, what would it be?
    • Should we give options or leave this free-form?

Job Board

  • How easy or difficult is it to use the job board?
  • What features of the job board do you use?
    • Responses to this question aren't that important. It serves to help prime the respondent for the next question asking what features they'd like to see.
  • What other features do you wish the job board had?
  • What other sites do you go to for jobs?
  • What are the reasons for visiting the other sites?
    • See what else is out there
    • Easier to use
    • Looks better
    • Better features
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