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[11:39:21 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> michelled, theclown, anastasiac: aaron (mozilla) is suggesting fluid to do what is 'right' WRT to roles and properties on the lightbox, and file bugs on FF bugzilla if the screen readers are barfing... then mozilla can triage from there.
[11:40:25 EDT(-0400)] <theclown> davidb: sounds like a plan. now, what is 'right' is the $64K question.
[11:40:35 EDT(-0400)] * davidb hides
[11:40:48 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> hey - get back here, davidb!
[11:41:11 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> theclown: true, also we do want the lightbox to work for the screen reader users that Mike is going to test with so we may need to do the work arounds anyway
[11:41:46 EDT(-0400)] * jhung (n=Fluid@ has joined #fluid-work
[11:42:28 EDT(-0400)] <theclown> good point michelled.
[14:41:44 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> hey guys rich told me about aria-templateid:
[14:41:59 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> anastasiac, michelled, theclown, colinclark ^
[14:42:29 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> cool - thanks for the heads-up
[14:42:39 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> anytime
[14:56:10 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> davidb: I still kind of don't get it.
[14:56:20 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> colinclark: hmmm.
[14:56:24 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> So how is an application supposed to handle a template-id?
[14:56:32 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> nope
[14:56:36 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> In what way could an AT inject customizations?
[14:56:40 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> it is for the screen reader
[14:57:04 EDT(-0400)] * davidb reads his blog
[14:57:08 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> Right, but what would an application choose to expose as a template-id?
[14:57:21 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> It's just an identify?
[14:57:25 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> identifier?
[14:57:25 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> colinclark: yes
[14:57:31 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> Okay, makes sense then.
[14:57:35 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> so that the AT can make assumptions
[14:57:54 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> So it's simply a way of uniquely identifying a chunk of markup/behaviour.
[14:57:58 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> i should probably get you to proof my blogs (smile)
[14:58:03 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> colinclark: exactly
[14:58:09 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> Mashup-ilicious!
[14:58:23 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> my next post will compare it with desktop apps... and yes web mashups (smile)
[14:58:37 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> Cool. Makes sense now.
[14:58:43 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> colinclark: cool
[14:59:05 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> colinclark: yeah it wasn't about custom widgets afterall...
[14:59:11 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> rich set me straight (smile)
[14:59:30 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> (rich AKA mr aria)
[14:59:35 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> It's interesting, because it's aimed at this blurring of the application/widget distinction possible on the Web.
[14:59:43 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> colinclark: yes very interesting
[15:00:10 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> template-id seems like a poor naming choice to me. Am I missing something?
[15:00:29 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> colinclark: i agree
[15:00:37 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> that's 2 of us so far...
[15:00:42 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> maybe we should tell rich.
[15:01:04 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> we == you (smile)
[15:01:44 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> LOL
[15:02:02 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> davidb: He's online now. Do you seriously want me to mention it to him?
[15:02:16 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> Do we have an alternative proposal?
[15:02:17 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> sure! and you can say i wondered too.
[15:02:17 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> (tongue)
[15:02:33 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> Can I send him a link to your blog, or have you already done so?
[15:02:49 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> aria-appid ?
[15:02:58 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> i haven't yet. go ahead (smile)
[15:03:06 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> module-id
[15:03:11 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> component-id
[15:03:12 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> ?
[15:03:14 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> yes, yes.
[15:03:22 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> i like module for some reason
[15:05:10 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> davidb: talking to him now
[15:05:24 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> colinclark: cool. where?
[15:05:26 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> im
[15:10:25 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> "
[15:10:25 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> 3:05
[15:10:25 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> cool. David said he was going to post this. I believe it was meant to mean a UI template
[15:10:25 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> ... could have picked something nicer - what can I say"
[15:10:44 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> "Colin Clark
[15:10:44 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> 3:06
[15:10:44 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> Of course, I totally understand. Just curious if I was missing something in regards to the naming.
[15:10:45 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> component-id or module-id were the two alternatives were we brainstorming on in the Fluid IRC channel."
[15:10:58 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> So that was the extent of our discussion. He liked your post, David. (smile)
[15:11:24 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> davidb: ^
[15:11:37 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> colinclark: rich rocks. he answered my email so fast yesterday
[15:11:49 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> Yes, he's quite a good multitasker. (smile)
[15:11:53 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> I should take lessons from him.
[15:11:59 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> colinclark: thanks for pinging him. i don't think aria has gone 'last call' yet.
[15:12:15 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> scuba lessons
[15:12:19 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> (smile)
[15:12:22 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> Multitasking lessons.
[15:12:26 EDT(-0400)] <davidb> (smile)
[15:12:36 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> But he dives for lobsters with his scuba gear, which is so cool.
[15:12:51 EDT(-0400)] * davidb rubs his belly
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