[08:30:33 EDT(-0400)] * Justin_o (n=Justin@ has joined #fluid-work
[08:42:54 EDT(-0400)] * anastasiac (n=team@ has joined #fluid-work
[09:02:44 EDT(-0400)] * jessm (n=Jess@c-76-19-199-61.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #fluid-work
[09:05:56 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> jessm, good morning
[09:06:12 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> jessm: indeed!
[09:06:15 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> doh
[09:06:22 EDT(-0400)] * jessm needs coffee (sad)
[09:06:32 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> anastasiac: indeed
[09:06:56 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> so how do we make a call on whether or not to change the AP's to rename the components?
[09:07:01 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> who makes the final call?
[09:08:15 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> i'm not sure – it's a good question and not something to a) take lightly or b) spend gobs of time on – I'm going to eventually recommend that Daphne, Colin and I try to get a plan together if not make a decision
[09:09:17 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> jessm: okay, today was supposed to be code freeze but if we are going to need to change the API's we can extend that by a day
[09:09:29 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> if we're going to change the code, it's got to be today, and so we need to decide soon (no pressure (smile) )
[09:09:52 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> ah, so, i don't think we'll have a solution by end of today
[09:10:01 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> so, i assumed we were already frozen for 0.5
[09:11:05 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> anastasiac: ah, but on reread of colin's msg. it seems he was thinking 0.5
[09:11:42 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> do y'all have suggestions?
[09:11:47 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> yes. We generally don't want to be changing apis, so if we are going to do it, sooner is better (i.e. 0.5 is better than 0.6)
[09:12:30 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> my personal opinion is pretty much what I stated on the list: change it now, include the old apis for backward compatibility, but tag them as deprecated
[09:13:10 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> the point was also made that if the component names change the code should reflect those changes so as not to cause confusion for integrators... so that might suggest as anastasiac said change them now.... or maybe wait till the next release to do any of those changes
[09:14:09 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> right, so just to be clear
[09:14:17 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> we're settled on the family of inline edit
[09:14:22 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> this is all about reorderer
[09:14:51 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> that's my understanding
[09:14:55 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> jessm: mine too
[09:15:03 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> kk
[09:18:48 EDT(-0400)] * jacobfarber (n=Jacob@ has joined #fluid-work
[09:19:15 EDT(-0400)] * colinclark (n=colin@209-254-26-66.ip.mcleodusa.net) has joined #fluid-work
[09:20:07 EDT(-0400)] * athena7 (n=athena7@ has joined #fluid-work
[09:21:11 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> athena7: hello
[09:21:18 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> good morning
[09:21:20 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> how're you?
[09:21:40 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> not too bad...
[09:21:55 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> everything going okay with you?
[09:22:04 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> more or less
[09:22:17 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> did you ever find any added documentation?
[09:23:24 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> well the documentation is still in progress...
[09:23:44 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> let me see if i can find something that will be helpful
[09:24:14 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ok
[09:25:19 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> hi, athena7
[09:25:31 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> I'm sorry that the documentation has not kept pace with our api changes (sad)
[09:25:31 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> hiya
[09:25:37 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> s'ok (smile)
[09:25:38 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> are you working from trunk?
[09:25:42 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> yes
[09:25:45 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> revision 5650
[09:26:05 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> with the reorderer
[09:26:06 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> are you using fluid.reorderLayout()?
[09:27:03 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> so, check out these names: http://ui.jquery.com/repository/real-world/effects/
[09:27:13 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> that's currently the only available option, actually
[09:27:35 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> the docs for it are at http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Layout+Reorderer+API, but I haven't double-checked their "up-to-date-ness" since last week
[09:27:51 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> another source of information is jacobfarber's excellent springboards
[09:28:01 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> yes anastasiac
[09:28:14 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> http://build.fluidproject.org/fluid/fluid-components/html/LayoutCustomizer.html
[09:28:15 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> there seems to be information on the grab handle missing, in partiuclar
[09:28:18 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> sample exemplar markup, found in fluid-component/html/LayoutCustomizer.html
[09:28:29 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> Also in the html/ directory of the repository
[09:28:37 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> anastasiac beat me to it. (wink)
[09:28:39 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> grab handle...
[09:28:48 EDT(-0400)] * anastasiac rummages for information
[09:29:16 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> the springboard that demos a grab handle isnt committed yet (sad)
[09:29:39 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ah ok
[09:30:17 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> grab handles can be specified using a selector called "grabHandle"
[09:30:30 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Component+Selectors has an example, at least
[09:30:36 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> oh great, thanks
[09:30:41 EDT(-0400)] * anastasiac puts "document grab handles" on her to-do list
[09:30:45 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> (smile)
[09:31:01 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i was sure it still existed (smile)
[09:31:39 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> see also http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Advanced+Reorderer+API
[09:32:00 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> athena7, thanks for being a documentation beta-tester (smile)
[09:32:32 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ugh, why haven't i learned just never to upgrade java on a mac
[09:33:17 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i think i'm having some problems with the updated drag and drop though
[09:33:28 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i can only drag things a few pixels and then they just get stuck
[09:33:52 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> hm
[09:34:26 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> have you checked the dependencies? i.e. that you're including the necessary js files?
[09:35:00 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> yeah that sounds like a possible problem (smile)
[09:35:18 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> hm, looks like i'm getting "Error: F is undefined"
[09:35:26 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> the docs are missing <script type="text/javascript" src="../js/fluid/FluidDOMUtilities.js"></script> right now
[09:35:31 EDT(-0400)] * anastasiac edits the page
[09:35:59 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> there - updated
[09:36:45 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i thought i included all these, but maybe i'll try building the js file again
[09:36:48 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> so http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Layout+Reorderer+API has the complete dependency list now
[09:37:02 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i know you told me that one when we built it
[09:37:10 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> doesn't mean i couldn't have missed something though
[09:39:12 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> FluidDOMUtilities.js is super hot off the press.
[09:41:38 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ok
[09:41:50 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> if this doesn't work i'll roll back jquery ui to an earlier version
[09:43:42 EDT(-0400)] * theclown (n=theclown@guiseppi.atrc.utoronto.ca) has joined #fluid-work
[09:43:51 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> athena7 is the best early adopter ever. (smile)
[09:44:04 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i just wish i had more time to play with this
[09:44:44 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> which version of jquery ui are you using?
[09:45:17 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> fluid is using 1.5.1
[09:45:30 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> we'd moved to 1.6 beta
[09:45:40 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> which seemed to work ok with the last fluid build we had
[09:45:48 EDT(-0400)] <colinclark> awesome
[09:46:01 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> but should probably make sure it's not causing problems now
[09:46:45 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i swear every time i let os x upgrade java something horrible happens
[09:53:11 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> anastasiac: Justin_o: one more second on the naming
[09:53:21 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> sure
[09:53:40 EDT(-0400)] * anastasiac pauses
[09:54:00 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> so, i'm leaning toward being "the decider" and saying we stick with reorderer for a number of reasons:
[09:54:20 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> 1. it's more than just dragging and dropping (which we might call d-n-d or reorder)
[09:54:23 EDT(-0400)] * michelled (n=team@ has joined #fluid-work
[09:54:48 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> 2. we can define reorderer to explain the behaviour + the functions underneath
[09:55:12 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> and we've clearly gone through a naming conversation not once but twice
[09:55:49 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> thoughts?
[09:55:58 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> so the remaining question is when to make the switch from Lightbox to Image Reorderer and from Layout Customizer to Layout Reorderer
[09:56:13 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> i.e. to we change the APIs today, to get it into 0.5, or wait for 0.6beta
[09:57:31 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> ugh, i hate to change when we've got adopters, but that seems inevitable
[09:57:33 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> let's do this once
[09:58:07 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> if we're going to change it at all, the sooner the better, before we have more adopters
[09:58:28 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> so, if we can agree on reorderer and change those two component names and follow the practice laid out in Colin's last email #3 Deprecate>compatibility file>remove
[09:58:45 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> let's do it now
[09:59:15 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> all right - let's do it
[09:59:18 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> thanks, jessm!
[09:59:27 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> thanks
[09:59:59 EDT(-0400)] * jessm is sweating bullets over this!
[10:09:20 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> y'all were just looking for a decision weren't you – not more conversation about names
[10:10:53 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ok, i'm having some trouble getting things working
[10:11:11 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i'm getting a persistent "Error: fluid.reorderer is undefined" message
[10:11:25 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i can't really figure out why
[10:11:46 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> jessm, yes - just the decision of whether or not to make the change today
[10:11:55 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> and you have all the necessary files, athena7 ?
[10:12:08 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i should - is there any reason i shouldn't be able to cat them all together?
[10:12:10 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> athena7, the files also need to be in the prescribed order
[10:12:15 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ok
[10:12:21 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> as described on http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Layout+Reorderer+API
[10:12:31 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i tried them in the original order first and got a different message, hang on
[10:13:56 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> FLUID-1322 commit made, would someone mind looking at it?
[10:14:31 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> I'll take a look, jacobfarber
[10:14:32 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> then i get "fluid.reorderer is undefined"
[10:15:00 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> we are including the jquery ui stuff separately, but i imported it before the reorderer - is that what you'd expect?
[10:15:12 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> can you paste whats inside your <head> tag?
[10:15:22 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> in pastebin please?
[10:15:40 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> athena7, yes, jquery should come before the reorderer
[10:16:44 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> http://uportal.pastebin.com/m5561097e
[10:17:18 EDT(-0400)] * EricDalquist (n=dalquist@bohemia.doit.wisc.edu) has joined #fluid-work
[10:22:10 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> jen, are you using the Fluid-all version of the code??
[10:22:17 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> athena7 ^
[10:22:23 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> no
[10:23:16 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> there are about 6 different fluid files that need to be included
[10:23:25 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> I'm only seeing one in your pastebin
[10:24:14 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> Fluid-reorderer-r5672.js
[10:25:04 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> yeah, we cat'd them all together
[10:25:13 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i guess i can separate them back out if you'd liek
[10:25:55 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> no, that's ok. it's just difficult to verify if you've got the files in the right order
[10:26:22 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> "fluid.reorderer undefined" sounds like you've got something trying to use it before it's been inlcuded
[10:26:29 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> yeah, let me try this, hm
[10:26:32 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> is your initialization script inside a document.ready?
[10:26:37 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> it definitely does though
[10:26:38 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> yes
[10:26:59 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> the order was my first thought too
[10:27:33 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> do you get any other errors? or just the one?
[10:28:08 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> most of the other errors seem to be a result of that call not working
[10:30:14 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> very weird...
[10:30:52 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> you're using firebug?
[10:32:11 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> yeah
[10:32:52 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> although my firebug seems kind of broken - this was from the web developer plugin console, i think
[10:34:27 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> in firebug's script panel, you can turn on "break on all errors" in the options on the right
[10:34:42 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> if the fluid.reorderer undefined error is the first, it will break there, and you can check the stack trace
[10:34:50 EDT(-0400)] * anastasiac is grasping
[10:35:06 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> hmm, i don't see that option
[10:35:17 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> you have to be on the scrips tab
[10:35:39 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> then to the right, there's an options menu
[10:36:01 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ah ok found it, thanks
[10:36:28 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> containerRole: fluid.reorderer.roles.REGIONS,
[10:36:37 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> in the moduleLayout script
[10:37:24 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> that's why i'd originally tried flipping the order of the reorderer and modulelayout scripts
[10:37:49 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> reorderer.js is what defines the roles, so it has to come before modulelayout.js
[10:38:23 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ok, but it's not before module layout on that page (smile)
[10:38:41 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i think when i switched them i got a different error
[10:39:23 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> well, reorderer needs to be before, so maybe switch back, and then we'll deal with whatever error you're getting (smile)
[10:39:30 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ok, will do
[10:45:18 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ok, now i get "thatReorderer.selectableContext is undefined"
[10:45:30 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> in "thatReorderer.selectableContext.selectables = thatReorderer.dom.fastLocate("selectables");"
[10:45:34 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> is that one my error?
[10:47:20 EDT(-0400)] * anastasiac looks up selectableContext
[10:49:37 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> are you including our jquery.keyboard-a11y.js plug-in?
[10:50:11 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> that has to be included before the Fluid stuff
[10:50:19 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> it's in our js/jquery folder
[10:50:39 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> yep
[10:51:29 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> yep, you're already including it? or yep, that's the problem?
[10:51:44 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> yes, we're already including it
[10:52:12 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> hm
[10:52:25 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> updated import list: http://uportal.pastebin.com/mbed6e77
[10:52:42 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> do you specify a 'selectables' selector, or are you relying on the default?
[10:53:43 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> var options = {
[10:53:43 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> selectors: {
[10:53:44 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> columns: ".portal-page-column-inner",
[10:53:44 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> modules: ".portlet-container ",
[10:53:44 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> lockedModules: ".locked",
[10:53:44 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> dropWarning: "#portalDropWarning"
[10:53:46 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> }
[10:53:48 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> };
[10:53:50 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> fluid.reorderLayout ("#portalPageBodyColumns",options);
[10:53:52 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> does that look right?
[10:54:13 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> yes, it looks fine to me
[10:54:24 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> do you have an instance that we can go to, to try it out?
[10:54:32 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> no, unfortunately
[10:54:39 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i don't have a public ip address
[10:56:20 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> if you wanted to update yours i could send you a list of where things would need to be changed
[10:57:25 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> I think for now we'll try putting your header and script into our sample code, and see if we get the same error
[10:58:49 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> sounds like a good start
[11:01:06 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> hm, it looks like i downloaded 1.5.2 instead of 1.5.1
[11:01:13 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> is 1.5.1 still easily downloadable?
[11:01:25 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> is that likely to matter?
[11:01:40 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> hard to know - worth a try, I think
[11:01:51 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> I believe past versions are still available
[11:05:18 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i don't really have time to pull something out of svn and put it together, unfortunately
[11:05:44 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> the other thing that's different between the portal and the mockup i guess is that we're including a lot more of jquery ui
[11:05:44 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> I think I found the problem
[11:05:47 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> not just those two files
[11:05:49 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> oooh really?
[11:05:58 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> in your pastbin, it seems the path to the keyboard-a11y file is wrong
[11:06:07 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> it's in our js/jquery folder, not js/fluid
[11:06:15 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> no it's really there in mine
[11:06:17 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> as is jARIA.js
[11:06:21 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i copied them all into fluid for convenience
[11:06:21 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> ah, ok
[11:06:25 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> cool
[11:06:31 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> so i had less to track down and move later
[11:14:34 EDT(-0400)] * jonathan_h (n=Jon@H65.C206.cci.switchworks.net) has joined #fluid-work
[11:25:22 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> I've tried copying your header script tags and your initialization script into our sample code, and it works just fine
[11:25:51 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ok
[11:25:52 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> athena7, have you tried reverting to 1.5.1 (instead of 1.5.2)? I'm grasping, but I'm running out of ideas
[11:26:06 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i haven't - is there a way i can do that without manually building it all?
[11:27:02 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> ugh - just checked their site, and no. not easily
[11:27:09 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> it's possible too that there's a conflict between the fluid code and some of the javascript (either ours of jquery's)
[11:27:13 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> hm
[11:27:25 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> possible...
[11:27:25 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> how about if i send you the jqueryui file i'm including?
[11:27:25 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> hm
[11:27:35 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> yes, that might help
[11:27:58 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> if you included that instead of the two files we'd at least know if it's jquery ui-related (either versioning or additional includes)
[11:28:13 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> yep
[11:52:07 EDT(-0400)] * ecochran (n=ecochran@dhcp-169-229-212-48.LIPS.Berkeley.EDU) has joined #fluid-work
[11:56:39 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> did that go through anastasiac?
[11:57:37 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> I don't see it in my inbox - what was the subject line?
[12:28:51 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> got your email, thanks
[12:28:57 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> it was just the js file
[12:29:00 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i can zip it and rename it
[12:30:32 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ok, anastasiac, sent back to you
[12:32:01 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> k
[12:39:49 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> aha
[12:40:01 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> I'm getting "item.draggable is not a function" error
[12:40:07 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> athena7^
[12:40:24 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> hm, interesting
[12:40:29 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i wonder why i got a different error
[12:41:17 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> is this somewhere i can see it?
[12:41:58 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> no, just on my harddrive
[12:42:00 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ah ok
[12:42:14 EDT(-0400)] * anastasiac check jquery ui docs
[12:42:19 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> so you replaced the two jquery ui files with that one, yes?
[12:42:58 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> right
[12:43:20 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ok, so where do you recommend we go from here?
[12:43:27 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i'm guess either it's a versioning thing
[12:43:37 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> or it's a result of one of the other jquery ui pieces we're including
[12:44:23 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> includes ui core, draggable, droppable, resizable, selectable, sortable, and the dialog and tabs widgets
[12:46:08 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> hm. "selectable"
[12:46:39 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> our jquery keyboard-a11y plug-in adds a "selectable" function to jquery
[12:46:44 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> we might have a collision here
[12:46:56 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ah
[12:47:37 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> yeah i think that may be required for one of the widgets
[12:47:46 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> ugh
[12:47:53 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> hm.
[12:48:09 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> not sure what the solution is here
[12:49:02 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> don't know - we're pretty definitely going to need all of jquery ui
[12:49:18 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> does it make sense to just confirm that this is the problem first though?
[12:49:45 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> maybe return to the original version of your page, then include the 1.5.1 ui.selectable.js script in the page?
[12:50:03 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> yes, I was just thinking that
[12:53:16 EDT(-0400)] * phiggins (n=dante@c-69-138-157-218.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) has joined #fluid-work
[12:54:27 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> bingo - exactly the same error message you got, "thatReorderer.selectableContext not defined"
[12:54:31 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> ugh.
[12:55:18 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> the real long-term solution is likely that our selectable() function should be renamed to not conflict
[12:55:24 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> but I'm not sure what the immediate solution is
[12:56:07 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> a short-term solution might involve you changing the api in your version of our code
[12:59:04 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> athena ^
[12:59:51 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> athena7: we can give you a special patch tomorrow
[13:00:01 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> hang on, phone (smile)
[13:00:07 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> if that works for you
[13:03:15 EDT(-0400)] <jessm> standup?
[13:03:17 EDT(-0400)] <jonathan_h> standup
[13:09:32 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ok, sorry!
[13:09:44 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> anastasiac: yes, it would potentially be possible to patch our code
[13:09:49 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> although i'm kind of worried about side effects
[13:10:08 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> hopefully all the portal code would work
[13:10:38 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> we might run into problems if anyone has written portlets that require that function
[13:10:55 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> oh, you said my version of your code
[13:10:59 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> yes that makes sense (smile)
[13:11:06 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i think that sounds like a reasonable short-term fix
[13:22:44 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> cool athena7. we are scrambling here to get the last little bits of the 0.5 release done. Would it be ok if I sent you something tomorrow?
[13:22:54 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> yes, absolutely
[13:23:17 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> do you know if the bookmarks portlet renders correctly now with the current version of the reorderer?
[13:24:06 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> anastasiac, michelled, Justin_o, jacobfarber: how would you like to use me today? damn, that doesn't sound so good? I have two ideas: check the files for lint, or test...
[13:24:19 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> (smile)
[13:24:50 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> i believe justin said he needs testers badly, but you'll have to confirm when he comes back
[13:25:16 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> the current needs page is quite large
[13:25:22 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> athena7 - remind me which issue you're thinking of?
[13:25:24 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> jacobfarber: thanks
[13:25:39 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> ecochran: yep.. if you go to this page http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Current+Needs
[13:25:39 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> so another thing that needs to happen is the licenses and copyrights need to be checked, ecochran
[13:25:43 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> someone had found some issues with ff3 and the bookmarks portlet, specifically
[13:25:50 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> you can see a list of tasks on the left
[13:25:51 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i didn't have ff3 at the time, so i'm not entirely sure what the issue was
[13:26:02 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> i'll add a task list for you that you can populate..
[13:26:19 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> athena7, sorry, I don't know about that.
[13:26:20 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> the only thing is that you need to wait for the reorderer stuff until the name changes are finished
[13:26:23 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> but also i believe the content inside the portlet switched around (non-visible things suddenly appeared) while it was being dragged
[13:26:27 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> I wonder if simon wang found that?
[13:26:36 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> it's possible, i don't remember (sad)
[13:26:53 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> are you seeing the problem now?
[13:26:54 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> the server you have here has the bookmarks portlet http://build.fluidproject.org/uPortal/render.userLayoutRootNode.uP
[13:27:09 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> but you'd need to map the context for /BookmarksPortlet in order to get the portlet working
[13:27:16 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> right now it's not able to access the javascript file
[13:27:37 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> ecochran if you get stuck transferring tasks to your plate, just let me know
[13:27:46 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> sounds like something Simon will have to be contacted about
[13:27:52 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> he's the one who set that up
[13:27:56 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ok
[13:28:14 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> that's the only bug i knew of in the first version we integrated
[13:28:22 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> jacobfarber: how do you transfer tasks... right now it seems that there are a number of tasks which are both "unassigned" and in Gonzalo's queue
[13:28:43 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> there's a huge # of tasks on Justin's plate
[13:28:54 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> copy the names of those tasks you want, and then
[13:29:06 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> paste them into your "add task" input
[13:29:15 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> then, delete them from Justin's plate
[13:29:24 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> Justin/Unassigned
[13:29:31 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> same thing I think
[13:30:15 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> ecochran do you see your task list?
[13:30:18 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> I dont see it
[13:30:28 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> oh, its on the side
[13:30:41 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> yep, now I do...
[13:31:08 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> I had to refresh.... great, will start momentarily
[13:32:34 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> anyone know how G. is doing with his tasks, he has a lot of them
[13:33:17 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> anastasiac: it looks like the unicon fluid test is still up - http://mercury.unicon.net:8080/uPortal/render.userLayoutRootNode.uP
[13:33:43 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> if you log in and try and drag the bookmarks or calendar portlets on the front page in ff3 they don't seem to want to move
[13:35:55 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> athena7: that's using a fairly old version of the fluid code.
[13:36:16 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> yes
[13:36:19 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> the writeln bug is also present in that version
[13:36:39 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i just meant so the old behavior that had been reported could be visible
[13:36:51 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> ah, right, thanks
[13:36:54 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> does that mean you fixed the writelin bug then though? (smile)
[13:37:19 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> yes, Antranig did ... by writing a replacement for jquery's droppable.
[13:37:20 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> sigh
[13:38:03 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ah
[13:38:12 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> that's awesome though! that would be most excellent
[13:38:29 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> is it a problem if jquery's droppable is present in the page imports?
[13:38:36 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> yes - we considered it a blocker seeing as your Google portlet was unmovable without it
[13:38:43 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> no, we just ignore it
[13:38:52 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> have i mentioned that you guys are completely awesome?
[13:39:04 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> thanks (smile)
[13:39:15 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> I'll pass that along to Antranig
[13:39:24 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> please do!!
[13:39:28 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> that's wonderful news
[13:39:52 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> when i was at yale i wrote a hack for the google search by banishing it to an iframe
[13:39:58 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> but it's really a problem with not just that portlet
[13:40:16 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> and with anything that uses any Google API
[13:40:22 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> ya, it's pretty horrible. it's a mash up issue with almost any other javascript
[13:40:22 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> and some home-grown portlets
[13:40:26 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> so that's terrific
[13:40:29 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> yeah
[13:40:41 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> that really is wonderful (smile)
[13:40:52 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> Antranig commented on their bug so hopefully his fix will eventually be available in jquery ui itself
[13:41:17 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> that'd be nice
[13:44:26 EDT(-0400)] * phiggins (n=dante@c-69-138-157-218.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) has left #fluid-work
[13:46:51 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> ok! i got a test version working by stripping out the selectables
[13:51:58 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> great!
[13:52:52 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> problem w/ bookmarks portlet still exists
[13:53:29 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> wow i just dragged the google portlet and it made me feel so good inside!!
[13:54:02 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> so the only problem i'm seeing right offhand is the bookmarks portlet weirdness
[13:54:19 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> basically while dragging it, all the hidden divs are visible
[13:55:00 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> the performance is a lot better too, i can really tell the difference
[13:57:00 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> have you seen that problem at all with divs that are marked display:none?
[13:57:08 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> jacobfarber: I wonder if there's something wrong with the computed sytle
[13:57:22 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> it might be the way we strip down the clone to make the avatar
[13:58:06 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i don't see anything else offhand
[13:58:11 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> you guys have done some great work
[13:58:14 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> this feels a lot snappier
[13:58:43 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> hm. we're not seeing any problems with the bookmarks portlet on our sample
[13:58:43 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> yes, it's considerably faster. once again due to Antranig's rewrite (smile)
[13:58:52 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> what divs are hidden, athena7
[13:59:06 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> which sample is this?
[13:59:17 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> anastasiac: we may have stripped it out of the example
[13:59:21 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> http://build.fluidproject.org/fluid/sample-code/reorderer/portal/portal.html
[13:59:24 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> it's a mock-up
[13:59:32 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> the example was a screen scrape of an early version of uPortal 3
[13:59:36 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> the bookmarks.js file doesn't look like it's included
[13:59:45 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> ah, maybe that's it
[13:59:47 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> pretty much all that content is supposed to be hidden
[14:00:05 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> everything but "you have no bookmarks . . . "
[14:00:19 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> the forms get displayed only when you click on edit-y buttons
[14:00:19 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> ecochran, are you testing now?
[14:01:45 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> I'm going to re-start the build server. after that, links to lightbox and layout customizer may be broken for a few minutes, till I update to the new names
[14:01:48 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> here's the bookmarks.js file if you need it: https://www.ja-sig.org/svn/portlets/BookmarksPortlet/tags/rel-1.0.8/src/main/webapp/script/bookmarks.js
[14:02:22 EDT(-0400)] * phiggins (n=dante@c-69-138-157-218.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) has joined #fluid-work
[14:10:02 EDT(-0400)] * phiggins (n=dante@c-68-34-199-67.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) has joined #fluid-work
[14:10:25 EDT(-0400)] * phiggins (n=dante@c-68-34-199-67.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) has left #fluid-work
[14:29:32 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> anastasiac: I'm still caught up in this Sakai bug, Stephen in South Africa just got back to me with the latest results of our testing... I have a very limited window with South Africa when we're both awake.
[14:30:09 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> ?: should I be testing on builds... because I can also test locally since I have the source on my machine
[14:33:53 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> no problem - I just wanted to double-check if it was ok that I restart the test server
[14:34:02 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> I've done that already, so it's all good
[14:38:06 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> folks, I'm going to start doing some reorderer testing on XP, I'll use the build server since it's easier to access from my Windows machine
[14:40:05 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> ecochran: thanks
[14:40:52 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> ecochran: were you able to figure out how to use the task list
[14:40:56 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> Justin_o: I've taken the Lightbox XP testing, I don't have FF2 so I'll have to leave that for someone else.
[14:40:58 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> yes
[14:43:06 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> Justin_o: No Opera either, but maybe I'll install it when I'm done
[14:43:26 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> okay... any help is appreciated thanks
[14:46:07 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> congrats everyone! we are code frozen!
[14:46:10 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> athena7, I've sent you a patch via email that might solve the 'selectable' name collision
[14:46:21 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> putting it in now!
[14:46:22 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> 1604 is still open for comment and license changes only
[14:46:39 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> 1554 is still open for the readme updates
[14:46:42 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> think it works
[14:51:20 EDT(-0400)] * EricDalquist (n=dalquist@bohemia.doit.wisc.edu) has joined #fluid-work
[14:56:54 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> Justin_o: I've updated the Lightbox test plan to reflect the new paths and names
[14:57:18 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> oh thanks... i forgot about that
[14:57:28 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> i'm going to have to through the lightbox ones...
[14:58:29 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> what do you guys think: is it time to just take the Layout Customizer springboard and merge that with the Reorderer springboard?
[14:58:29 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> anastasiac: thanks for the patch - i think everything's working except for that hidden div issue
[14:58:36 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> persistence seems to work as well
[15:04:11 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> jacobfarber: by 'time' you mean 0.6 beta, right (wink)
[15:05:09 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> michelled: yup - any objections?
[15:05:52 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> I guess my only concern would be if the page was too busy with all the examples there. But I think you are a better judge of that then me.
[15:06:51 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> michelled i was worried about that problem too, which is why they were going to get split up....but now im not sure if that the most effective route
[15:08:09 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> ya, in some ways it's nice to be able to compare the 'reorderList' 'reorderGrid' and 'reorderLayout' all on one page to decide which one you actually want.
[15:08:33 EDT(-0400)] <jacobfarber> exactly
[15:11:58 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> Justin_o: I found an edge case with dragging in the Lightbox, um, Image Reorderer
[15:12:24 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> really.. what happened
[15:13:00 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> If the window is just barely wide enough for a full row (before the image wraps down to the next row) then dragging an image to the bottom of the window makes all the rows remap (Mac/Windows FF3)
[15:13:33 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> and on Windows FF3, if you drag the last image in a row that is at the right edge of the window, the avatar appears offscreen
[15:13:35 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> there might be a bug for that... let me see if I can find it and if it is the same
[15:13:40 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> or almost offscreen
[15:14:13 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> the window has to be just the right width to pull it off (it just so happens that since I have a very small screen on my windows machine, I hit the error.)
[15:14:36 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> http://issues.fluidproject.org/browse/FLUID-909
[15:14:43 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> ecochran: did it look like that
[15:14:58 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> if so you may have to reopen that bug
[15:15:06 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> nope, different
[15:15:22 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> I'll try to make a screenshot, It'll be tricky
[15:15:51 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> thanks... i'd be interested in seeing... if you are having trouble with the screenshot let me know.. i found a good free tool
[15:16:24 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> I need to install one on the Windows machine... what's the one that you found?
[15:18:26 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> Justin_o: ^
[15:19:30 EDT(-0400)] <michelled> ecochran - he stepped out for a moment - he'll be back soon
[15:20:04 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> ecochran: sorry it's a mac tool...
[15:20:15 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> you can do print screen in windows...
[15:20:18 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> that's all i know
[15:20:31 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> OK, I have a tool that I like... not installed on this machine but oh well
[15:20:43 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> yah... sorry
[15:20:58 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> I'm going to write up a new bug for this... I haven't done enough testing on it to see how much of an "edge" it is
[15:22:04 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> I'll try to look at it after to see if affects other browsers too
[15:24:42 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> Justin_o: this bug is close to 909, would you prefer me just to reopen that bug and comment on it with new behavior?
[15:24:54 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> it is very close
[15:25:09 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> ecochran: sure that sounds like a good idea...
[15:38:28 EDT(-0400)] <anastasiac> athena7, I'm not having any luck replicating the 'hidden div' problem. Do you know what method was used to hide the divs?
[15:39:27 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> setting a css class that includes "display:none"
[15:39:37 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> looking at this closer, it looks like the element is actually a form, not a div
[15:39:58 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> i linked the bookmarks javascript file a little ways up if you want to test the build page you have there with the actual javascript file
[15:40:09 EDT(-0400)] <athena7> but maybe it's not divs in general, just that form?
[15:41:32 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> Justin_o: FLUID-909 has been updated
[15:41:48 EDT(-0400)] <Justin_o> thank you ecochran
[15:42:01 EDT(-0400)] <ecochran> Justin_o: np
[15:56:33 EDT(-0400)] * michelled (n=team@ has left #fluid-work
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