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[04:25:09 CST(-0600)] <sj0bidoo> ello (smile)

[04:30:52 CST(-0600)] <sj0bidoo> anyone here got any experience with the fluid uploader? I'm trying to implement it on a wordpress page following the demo on the website...but for some reason it doesn't display.. It gets a "display: none" added to the form..if i remove it..nothing happens when i hit "upload"

[08:12:15 CST(-0600)] <clown> idenify f00P3PP1

[08:12:27 CST(-0600)] <clown> please ignore that.

[08:12:31 CST(-0600)] <anastasiac> (smile)

[08:12:32 CST(-0600)] <clown> (smile)

[09:40:45 CST(-0600)] <michelled> cindyli: jameswy will try to get you connected with the OER commons folks

[09:40:54 CST(-0600)] <michelled> cindyli: until then, take a look at their site:

[09:43:45 CST(-0600)] <cindyli> ok, michelled

[09:58:57 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> cindyli: would you mind looking over johnny's pull request for fluid studios

[09:58:59 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o>

[09:59:12 CST(-0600)] <cindyli> sure, Justin_o

[09:59:29 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> I had previously made some comments on some of his styling.. which he's made changes for.. i should probably check that again.. but most of it is php stuff and I figure you're the best to look at that

[09:59:55 CST(-0600)] <cindyli> i will have a look, Justin_o

[10:00:02 CST(-0600)] <Justin_o> cindyli: thanks

[10:00:06 CST(-0600)] <cindyli> np

[10:13:48 CST(-0600)] <cindyli> anastasiac, michelled: u r right that displays the contents of the OER items in <iframe>, in which case UIO settings won't be applied into these contents . I'm thinking of the options to deal with it: 1. Suggest oercommons not to use iframe? this would be a fairly amount of change at oercommens side and I don't think they will like it. 2. Modify UIO to handle iframe content. What do you think?

[10:14:41 CST(-0600)] <michelled> cindyli: I don't think it's possible of UIO to handle an iframe - wouldn't that be cross site scripting?

[10:14:47 CST(-0600)] <michelled> cindyli: am I missing something?

[10:15:06 CST(-0600)] <cindyli> right. sigh...

[14:49:46 CST(-0600)] <michelled> cindyli, alexn2, anastasiac, colinclark, Bosmon: since we now have a plan to move the demo branch into master instead of trying to deal with the individual branches that are in demo I'm going to start resolving JIRAs that have been fixed in demo

[14:50:25 CST(-0600)] <cindyli> sounds good, michelled

[15:13:54 CST(-0600)] <michelled> cindyli: is this still an issue?

[15:14:14 CST(-0600)] <cindyli> yes, michelled

[15:14:36 CST(-0600)] <cindyli> until the jQuery upgrade happens, which we don't know when yet, michelled

[15:14:39 CST(-0600)] <michelled> where do I see the error?

[15:15:08 CST(-0600)] <cindyli> in chrome, run video player, look into developer tool -> "console"

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