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[09:00:51 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Justin_o: You'll find this interesting, if you haven't already heard:

[09:43:12 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> colinclark: i hadn't seen that.. thanks for sending it along

[09:52:16 CDT(-0500)] <michelled> jessm, jameswy: you might find this interesting

[09:53:01 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> michelled: interesting. i'm so curious where all this is going

[10:10:42 CDT(-0500)] <sgithens> colinclark yura1 kasper: I have a lunch-like presentation which I need to go to that lasts until 12:30. So I might not make it, or will only be on the second half of the call. I'll try to catch up you with a bit more this afternoon.

[10:11:16 CDT(-0500)] <kasper> ok, thanks for letting us know sgithens

[10:57:20 CDT(-0500)] <alexn1> colinclark: I changed my pull request to reflect our discussion yesterday and earlier today

[11:06:59 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> cool

[11:07:02 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> i'll take a look

[11:08:13 CDT(-0500)] <alexn1> colinclark: thx (smile)

[13:43:59 CDT(-0500)] <michelled_> fluid-everyone:

[13:44:15 CDT(-0500)] <michelled_> does anyone want to join the community meeting remotely today?

[13:44:29 CDT(-0500)] <michelled_> we are going to talk about what a 1.5 release of Infusion would have in it

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