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[08:12:33 CDT(-0500)] <alexn> colinclark: I changed my another pull request

[08:12:55 CDT(-0500)] <alexn> let me know if you think there is a chance to improve it

[08:13:37 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> thanks, i'll take a look

[12:42:54 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> Justin_o:

[12:46:10 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> Justin_o: and,Firefox3.5,Safari4,InternetExplorer7

[12:58:56 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> avtar: no IE7 support in confluence..

[13:02:06 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> avtar: what does the confluence security vulnerability affect?

[13:04:59 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> Justin_o: "allows an attacker to embed their own JavaScript into a Confluence page when it is viewed by the victim's browser. An attacker does not need an account on Confluence server"

[13:05:09 CDT(-0500)] <avtar>

[13:06:03 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> avtar: so even a readonly version would be susceptible?

[13:06:41 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> yes, i would think so

[13:06:47 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> (sad)

[13:07:16 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> they mention a patch for 3.5

[13:07:33 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> along with this "Please note this patch goes beyond our current Security Patch Policy and you should not expect availability of similar patches in the future. Patching is a measure of last resort when you cannot upgrade."

[13:08:27 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> avtar: but not for our current version?

[13:08:43 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> no

[13:08:59 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> but upgrading to 4.2 means we'll have to upgrade to 3.5 anyway

[13:09:34 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> avtar: right.. and the IE7 is dropped in 3.5 so we may as well just go all the way up

[13:09:46 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> although we'll have to fix our jira port lets, but that shouldn't be too hard

[13:10:25 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> i don't think ie7 got dropped in 3.5

[13:10:42 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> seems like that just applies to > 4.0

[13:11:37 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> but yes, it probably makes sense to go all the way up to 4.2

[13:12:33 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> avtar: oh yes.. i see.. it was deprecated, and dropped in 4.0

[13:13:47 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> avtar: I guess we may need to take this to the list.. i'm thinking we'll probably end up wanting to just upgrade to 3.5 with the patch, and then upgrade again when we no longer support IE7 or we have another place to store out documentation

[13:14:03 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> at least api docs that is

[13:14:39 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> ok

[13:35:39 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> avtar: The cats are a bit funkier

[13:35:46 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> the dogs, maybe bit more rock

[13:37:56 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> the tasteful calligraphy in the background and lens flare at the end was a nice touch

[13:38:43 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> meow meow meow

[13:38:53 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> i need to listen to it again

[13:39:09 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> ^there is a 10 hour version of the video.

[13:39:13 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> arf arf arf arf... arf… arf

[13:39:31 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I like how someone posted the lyrics, just in case

[13:39:36 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark>

[13:39:59 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> i had a lot of free time that night

[13:41:07 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> and we are grateful for it

[13:48:00 CDT(-0500)] <alexn> colinclark michelled: I changed my pull request. michelled as we discussed earlier I changed toggleButton to use tooltip infusion component. Before it was initialized in a preInit. Also added tests for volumeControl case when tooltip changes when use hovers over the slider. Will be waiting for a feedback (smile)

[13:49:06 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> thanks alexn, I'll take a look as soon as I get a chance

[13:50:18 CDT(-0500)] <alexn> colinclark: thx.

[14:19:30 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> Justin_o: it looks like the 'classic left nav theme' and 'global search and replace' plugins are not compatible

[14:19:32 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> even with 3.5

[14:19:40 CDT(-0500)] <avtar> err 3.5.17

[14:25:53 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> avtar: (sad)

[14:26:24 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> avtar: i'm not sure we use the global search and replace plugin. what does it do exactly?

[14:26:32 CDT(-0500)] <Justin_o> the theme we could rebuild right?

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