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  1. UI Options 1.4 Roadmap

    Goals for UI Options 1.4 Implement the new flavours of UI Options: Full Page, Skinny Panel, and Fat Panel Update and streamline the look and feel Substantially … Accordion and close all bugs related to it Automatically load UI Options' template, rather than asking integrators to do it Implement the new fullpage look
    FluidJun 24, 2011
  2. Introduction to UI Options

    What is UI Options? UI Options is a tool that allows individuals to personalize web content and other user digital interfaces to meet their needs and preferences. UI Options offers a variety of customizations including: Modification of text size and style Adjustment of line spacing Changing the screen colour
    FluidAug 23, 2017
  3. Installing and Getting Started with UI Options

    This documentation has been deprecated and is not up to date with the current code base. For the most up to date documentation for UI Options, see "Setting up … the latest UI Options. Install grunt Part 2: Getting and Building Infusion Get Infusion via npm Build Infusion using npm and grunt Copy the built Infusion libraries
    FluidAug 03, 2017
  4. UI Options Code Review June 7 2011

    documentation Pairs: Cindy & Antranig UI Options (fine tooth coming) Heidi & Colin remove importants Heidi & James review design implementation Mike & Michelle UI Enhancer Harris & Justin ToC Mike & Justin Live preview other stuff: fat panel broken in IE6 test all 3 layouts w screen readers Fat Panel UI Options Full
    FluidJun 07, 2011
  5. (Floe) UI Options (2008-2009)

    See: (Floe) User Interface Options (aka. Learner Options) for uptodate information on UIO design progress User Interface (UI) Options … that allows site visitors to customize the presentation of the site to meet their particular needs: The User Interface Options component (UI Options) presents
    FluidApr 03, 2013
  6. (Floe) UI Options Design Mockups, B.1

    Download (.ai) Download the mockup in AI format. Overview Different configurations of UI options might be more suitable in some implementations than others … configuration provide a balance between proximity to content and intrusiveness to content design. 1. Full page 1.1 With preview UI options, Infusion 1.4, draft 1.1
    FluidApr 03, 2013
  7. (Floe) UI Options user testing (July 2009)

    UI Options User Testing Planning and results of rounds of user testing. User Options Testing Round 1 protocol Results Component UI Options
    FluidApr 03, 2013
  8. (Floe) UI Options Design in Inclusive Learning Handbook, B.1

    User interface options mocked up in Inclusive Learning Handbook Overview The following mockups show the use of UI Options in the context of the Inclusive … Options (UIO) in Inclusive Learning Handbook (ILH) Below: 1. Inclusive learning handbook, asis. Fauxfunctionality UI Options in Inclusive Learning Handbook01.png
    FluidApr 03, 2013
  9. UI Options Wordpres Plugin Development Guide

    is essentially a WP plugin wrapper around Infusion's UI Options component. The basic parts of the plugin will be discussed below, but it may be useful to familiarize yourself with both the wp plugin and UI Options
    FluidDec 15, 2016
  10. (Floe) UI Options Design

    Version C (2012) (Floe) UI Options Design High Fidelity, C.1 Goals: Provide users with two ways of adjusting preferences: 1) Enabling common, very highlevel … Specifications Wireframes Explorations Version B (20102011) (Floe) UI Options Design Mockups, B.1 Goals: Provide a small set of midgranular preferences (< 12 total
    FluidAug 20, 2014