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Documentation for a historical release of Infusion: 1.3
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What is the Fluid Contributor Gallery

The Fluid Contributor Gallery is a place where Infusion users can find third-party contributions. Fluid welcomes a wide range of contributions, from new components and helpful utilities to new themes, styles, and designs.

Submission Requirements

For a submission to be showcased in the Fluid Contributor Gallery it must meet the following basic criteria:

  • Accompanied by a signed Fluid Contributor License Agreement, assuring users that the code will be available under an Infusion-compatible license
  • Code and CSS should follow a few simple best practices:
    • Use a unique namespace (hint: pick your own namespace, rather than using Fluid's)
    • Validate using Fluid's JSLint

What to Include in a Submission

A submission should include the following:

  • The code/css/design contribution
  • A demo illustrating the particulars of the contribution (if applicable)
    • Try to keep any demo code, styles, markup, etc. separate from the contribution itself
  • A screenshot (if possible)
  • A signed Fluid Contributor License Agreement
  • A README file explaining to prospective users the following information:
    • license
    • description
    • dependencies
    • what configurations it should work in, has been tested in, and/or has been designed for
    • any other relevant information

How to Submit

Submissions can be sent to the fluid-work mailing list, as either an archive (e.g. zip or tar) or as a link to a public repository. If a link to a repository is provided, please include a link to a stable branch or tag.

Sample Contribution

Below is a sample contribution that you can use to help package up your own contribution.

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