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- A short, game-like experience: "Do you like this image, or this image? This image, or this image?", and then create a customized experience based on preference implications (a la psychology/personality tests)
- What about the problem of people wanting to come in and see a Van Gogh? How would we cover situations like that?
  - Cover some of the more popular possibilities (e.g., "Greatest hits" tour) in the pre-fabricated tours
- Have "See/join a directed tour by a docent" as an option on the home screen (i.e., pre-authored tour, customized tour, physical tour by docent)

DIA mini-brochure process

Had a number of themes in mind -> Looked at entire collection, sifted through the objects -> Fit those objects on the map, looked at best paths, what crossed multiple collections and galleries, and fit visually with the theme -> Consulted with curator on appropriateness