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Skills required: 

Add a rate limit feature for AChecker web service API

Project Description: AChecker is an online accessibility validator that provides a web service API for users to validate the given URL or content via http requests. Each user is given a web service ID that can be sent along with http requests to use the API. To avoid the abuse of AChecker web service API, a rate limit needs to be added to control how many requests can be processed at a certain period by one web service ID. Adding this feature also requires changes to UIs:

  1. The user profile UI; to allow users to revoke/delete the compromised web service IDs and regenerate new IDs.
  2. AChecker Administrator's user management UI; to allow administrators to revoke the compromised web service IDs.

AChecker Issues to start with:

More issues can be found at AChecker bug tracker.

Difficulty: Medium

Mentor: Cindy Li

IRC: cindyli

Skills required: PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS. The understanding of the API authentication and authorization would be a bonus.

Automated Test Suite for AChecker