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  • Frequently, users weren't sure if their they successfully sent their My Collection to themselves. Specifically, there was no feedback after submitting one's email for My Collection.

2. List of keeps/build-upons users explicitly liked

  • Artifact images. Many liked that you could see a digital version of the physical artifact. Many liked it because you could see it closer on the digital version, and sometimes a side of it you couldn't in the physical space. Some noted that it'd be nice to zoom in or get a larger image.
  • Digital tombstone label. Even though it was a partial redundancy with the physical label, some users liked having it on the mobile device, especially when there was additional information.
  • Lists of artifacts.
  • Extended description. This was a bit contentious. Some users really liked the extended descriptions, which provided more than what was on the label and explained what obscure objects were. Others thought it was too much to read, and weren't interested in reading it, but might be interested in listening to it narrated.
  • Video clips. Especially when it wasn't a static image with audio track.
  • Related artifacts. Users liked that there are extras.
  • Comments. Some users found some of the comments humorous.
  • My Collection. Especially the fact that they could send it to their email address, thus avoiding the need to bring a camera around with them in the museum to remember interesting objects. However, one user was strongly opposed to My Collection (or any feature that involved a post-visit experience).