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  • support for gphoto2 v2.4.7 and libgphoto2 v2.4.8. Other versions are untested.


  • tested using Canon PowerShot G10, Nikon D50, and Nikon D200
  • For Nikon DLSRs, needed to be put in PTP USB mode to work with gphoto2
  • remove memory cards from cameras before using Decapod for best results. Otherwise Ubuntu may try to mount the memory card file system and lock out Decapod.
  • Set cameras to capture in JPG. Other capture formats not supported or tested.
  • Recommend using identical pair of cameras for capturing with identical settings.

Decapod UI

  • drag and drop works
  • when selecting an item to drag, the initial drag style is not correct.
  • Delete is not always work and may lock out the user from any further deletes.


  • (FLUID 3521)
  • Help link does not do anything.
  • Finish & Export Buttons and Link are enabled by default (should be disabled until at least a pair of images added)
  • Placeholder outlines not properly aligned on some systems (i.e. FF 3 on Mac).

Image Display