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  • solidifying and finalizing details of the contract
  • thought of another storytelling use case - different people who have never met in same location tell the story of where they are frome.g. case 
    • The main idea was telling the story of a tree


      through different seasons. Like a bench with a sign that says "take a picture

      of the thing in front of you - upload to URL - by contributing your picture - a collage or time-lapse - story of how this spot evolved over a period of time (e.g. seasons), or a housing development project - the contentiousness of that physical place - take a picture

      and send it to this URL" and then see how the spot evolves. 

    • Tree is a basic example. Could be a housing development project "take a picture of what's in front of you and tell me how you feel about it



    • This idea reminds Alan of something from NYC's public library with photos of buildings

    • calling it Photospotz!
  • want to make sure it doesn’t constitute scope creep? or just possible future directions - not to impede or dilute the design process 
    • Alan says not to worry about this, feel free to throw it out there

  • will add thoughts/feedback to wiki

Other questions/concerns/thoughts

  • Alan - working on re-allocation of budget with Oak, will talk to Jutta when possible
  • James - phase 1? timelines?
    • Phase 1 - to Sept 2018
    • Phase 2 - Oct 2018 to Dec 2019 (end of project) - further work with youth groups and evaluations of progress through co-design discussions - feedforward process - refining tool development
  • Questions about budgets
    • Timeframe? Aiming for the end of this month
    • Jutta has to talk to the Oak Foundation
    • Once the budget has been reorganized, we can start signing contracts
  • Question from James: If we're in Phase 1, what is Phase 2? What are the timelines?
    • P1 is sept 2017 to sept 2018
    • P2 is after that and involves further work with the youth groups
    • A lot of what we're doing right now is unknown territory so it’s hard to know for sure
    • P2 is projected to go out to December 2019