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V3.0 (Jan 23, 2018)

Keyboard navigation similar to moving the ruler in Coulomb's Law sim with the addition of a jump key.


  • moves the magnet continuously in a direction after an initial delay.
  • with modifier 1: moves the magnet quickly continuously in a direction after an initial delay.
  • with modifier 2: moves the magnet slowly continuously in a direction after an initial delay.

With the above cursor key control scheme above, additional keyboard interaction may be needed to facilitate the quick experimentation and discovery. In particular learners who tire easily or have dexterity preferences may find it challenging to repeatedly tap or press cursor keys. In this V3 sketch, the idea is to add a way for someone to quickly "jump" the magnet across the playing area and enable quick experimentation which hopefully leads them to uncovering the intended learning outcomes.

In addition to the above, the J key will jump the magnet horizontally to the opposite side.


Image 1 (above): initial screen for Faraday's law.

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Image 2 (above): Magnet receives keyboard focus. 4 arrows appear around the magnet to indicate the possible directions to move.

Note: the vertical dashed line is for illustration purposes only.

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Image 3 (above):

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Evolving Idea (November 30, 2017)