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An Infusion Pattern Language

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  • Pattern language might be good to express design thinking
  • Pattern language for Infusion:
    • What could be pattern languages for Infusion?
    • Technical patterns?
    • More scope to do more there.
  • Today:
    • What pattern languages are in the broad sense.
      • Pattern languages are an approach to documenting design strategies/solutions in the 1960s.
      • Christopher Alexander 
        • book series:
          • The Timeless Way of Building (1979)
          • A Pattern Language (1977)
          • The Oregon Experiment (1975)
        • looks for patterns in time and space
          • cannot separate these - e.g. watching the world go by, sitting on the porch
        • Writing generative patterns – recording them in a way that they can be reused, not just documenting observations.
        • Only interested in patterns with "the quality without a name"
      • Richard Gabriel, Patterns of Software
    • How they are applied to computer software.
    • What a pattern language for Infusion might be.