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Create-a-Thon In Practice

When to consider using a CaT:

  • the design problem space is ambiguous, not well defined, or complex.
  • there is a broad audience who would be interested in or using your finished product / service.
  • proposed solutions are not harmonious (i.e. satisfying one criteria, diminishes another).
  • there are many possible design directions and unsure what to focus on.

Use a CaT to help gather ideas, stories, perspectives that give you possible directions for further exploration.

Setting up a CaT:

  • Define a loose scope
  • Come up with some scenarios to help your exploration
  • Gather some people
  • Observe and facilitate
  • Give opportunity to individuals to document their personal "stories", designs, thoughts using multiple modalities
  • Give opportunity for group work to refine ideas
  • Allow time for iteration
  • Todo: finish this..

Case Study: IDRC-PhET Energy Skate Park Create-a-Thon