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The above diagram shows the Faraday's Law sim with text alerts and text descriptions overlaid. Events can trigger text alerts (aka. Aria-live region updates in the PDOM) and text description updates (sections of text within the PDOM).


Add examples of alerts and description updates.

An example of a possible PDOM (alerts, descriptions, and controls) can be seen here:

Keyboard Access

Magnet can be moved 2 ways: by moving by steps, and jumping.

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Moving by steps:

  1. Press Tab to focus the magnet.
  2. WASD direction indicators appear.
  3. H key can be pressed to bring up additional key commands.
  4. Pressing a direction will move magnet one step.
  5. Modifier CTRL will make the magnet move a larger step.
  6. Modifier Shift will make the magnet move a smaller step.

WASD Indicator behaviour:

Like BASE, WASD indicators disappear once the magnet moves. WASD indicators reappear if focus is moved off magnet and back again.

Moving by jumping:

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  1. Tab to focus the magnet.
  2. User can press a jump key 1, 2, or 3 to jump the magnet to the other side of the play area.
    1. 1 = slow jump
    2. 2 = normal speed jump
    3. 3 = fast speed jump.
  3. While a jump key is depressed and while the magnet is jumping
    1. a faded placeholder image of the magnet is shown where the magnet will eventually stop.
    2. an arrow indicates the speed and direction of the movement. 1 arrow = slow jump, 2 arrows = normal jump, 3 arrows = fast jump.

Edge case - jumping with bumping into a coil

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Same as a normal jump except the faded placeholder appears next to the coil (where it will stop).

Edge case - jumping starting next to and obstructed by a coil

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A special case where the magnet is starting from a position where it is blocked from jumping by the coil. A number of things will happen:

  • Jumping won't move the magnet - magnet stays where it is.
  • A "coil bump alert" will be fired.
  • Audio feedback will be heard (the coil bump earcon).

Example Interactions

Part 1: Keyboard move through 4-loop coil

  1. User loads sim.
  2. Presses tab:
    1. keyboard focus appears on magnet
    2. WASD indicators appear
    3. magnet focus alert triggered: "Magnet at middle-right of the Play Area. Use the W A S D keys to move magnet. Press H for more keyboard commands."
  3. W pressed 1 time
    1. keyboard focus remains on magnet
    2. WASD indicators disappear
    3. Alert: Movement Alert with Step Size / Direction Change: "Left 1 regular step."
  4. W pressed 2 times quickly:
    1. keyboard focus remains on magnet
    2. Movement Alert: "Left" (this alert is lower priority and is not announced)
    3. Location Alert: "At centre of play area."
    4. Coil proximity alert: "Very close to 4 loop coil."
    5. Sonification of lightbulb is heard.

Appendix: Description Regions

Figure 2: An example of the different proximity descriptors for the magnet as it moves from one region into another.

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Figure 3: Play area location descriptors.


Figure 4: Magnetic field intensity descriptors.

Keyboard Access

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Combine location and coil proximity alerts



* Movement, coil proximity and location change alerts may be sufficient to give sense of progress in most cases.