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Student:Ria Bhatia


The project aims to develop an online game for young kids


using an eye-gaze


technology. This will help them to develop their skills through exploration and discovery. The ultimate aim with any student using alternative access is


to enable the use of the same resources and


The first place to start is fun! Providing opportunities to play games and fun activities will help refine access skills and encourage students to explore more.


help them gain confidence, clarity, understanding, social integration and self sufficiency.

Another aim is to develop a simple and fun game for visually impaired toddlers to help them begin a journey towards digital literacy.


As children with visual impairments may not be able to learn by watching what is going on around them, they must learn


“by doing” and interacting with their environment.


In working with disabled children the challenges are not just to help them but to do so without them feeling as though they are incapable of doing things for themselves. In addition, we should also be in a position to treat them in exactly the same manner as we would a child who is physically and mentally sound.


Game 1- For kids who use eye gaze


Mentors: Jess Mitchell, Alan Harnum, Dana Ayotte, Gregor Moss 

Blog Post 

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 Music Mania

Progress Sheet:

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