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September 2018

Summary of Activities

August 2018

Summary of Activities

  • First of regular series of checkin meetings
    • Established mailing list as best internal communication method, combined with wiki for open information sharing
    • Discussed re-design of existing site ( as next step, with a soft launch (re-worked navigation and new look) on October 15
  • Michelle and Dana met with Namya from SEWA to plan upcoming on-site co-design meetings
    • on-going conversation to share co-design ideas and plan best approach
    • SEWA needs a basic site to share information - need a simple and cheap hosting solution
  • The full team met with Mundano from Cataki, Brazil to discuss design and development requirements for the Catadores (recycling collectors)
  • Gathering partner co-ops needs/requirements, mapping these out to identify commonalities (and differences)
  • Continuing research on existing co-ops and platforms
  • First mockup sketches of re-design

July 2018

Summary of Activities