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  • biggest issue is planning
  • in most years planning doesn't happen until the month before the conference
    • don't get feedback from Jutta until last minute
    • can plan without Jutta but really can't do much without her input
    • JT is the main energizer
  • We're all busy and working on unpaid project (i.e. DEEP) doesn't make sense sometimes
  • Only a handful of people working on putting it together
  • No fee system or structure
    • Some pay, and some do not.

What went well

  • the wall was nice
  • the collaborative activity was good


  • DEEP is a good opportunity to get out and meet new people and network
    • but it's been the same people every year
  • Are we getting our money's worth?
    • catering
    • sponsorships are low
    • ASL
    • Captioning
    • Security
    • maintenance / custodial services
  • DEEP is supposed to be a think-tank
  • JT wants things to be "fresh"
  • Hire an event planner?
  • Conduct multiple streams


  • Talk to JT and get together a committee and have JT hand over responsibility