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  • Alert seemed good. User immediately reversed directions (#603)

Tweak Circuit Mode Radio Button Text Alert


  • Not every user listens to the full text alert when switching modes.
  • The two text alerts start off sounding the same.


  • Currently:
    • "Circuit now has two different coils"
    • "Circuit now has one coil"
  • Change to:
    • "Two different coils now connected."
    • "One coil now connected".

Add coil location to scene summary and circuit description


Add "Select magnet" to the instructions for moving it


  • Currently the scene summary and PDOM description of the magnet states they keys to move the magnet but omits the fact they need to select it first.

Suggested fix:

Scene summary"Move the magnet to play using arrow keys, W A S D, or 1 2 3 keys.""How to play with the magnet: select magnet; move using arrow keys, W A S D, or 1 2 3 keys."
Magnet PDOM description"Use the W A S D keys to move the magnet in four directions. Use 1 2 3 keys to slide magnet left and right.""How to play with the magnet: Select the magnet; use the W A S D keys to move in four directions; use 1 2 3 keys to slide left and right.


  • #603
    • 22:55 - figures out association of sound with being in the 4 loop coil
    • 23:11 - figures out closer you get the more intense the sound
    • 25:00 - trying to figure out what the bong sound is and why it happens.
    • 29:00 - changed rate of speech, the pause throws user off. Increasing rate helps
    • Didn't feel descriptions were enough
    • Knew there was a coil and magnet, and poles.
    • 30:00 - discovers volt meter
      • unchecks it but the volt mete is still visible. something wrong?
    • 33:50 - asked what happens when magnet moved through coil at different speeds
      • doesn't know if it does anything because it just tell him that it's in the centre of the play area.
    • 35:00
      • Wasn't sure there was more than 1 way to move the coil
      • Didn't know you can press and hold
      • Looking for a change in the description as a result of moving faster, but the text alerts remain the same (issue with text alerts disconnected w sonification)
    • 36:44
      • Prompted to switch coil modes
    • 39:00-16
      • Flipping poles, but after flipping had no way of remembering the polarity. Said: "I guess that's something you just have to remember"
      • But the description is in the PDOM. Is that enough?
    • 42:00
      • Confusion over an empty Level 2 header
    • 43:00
      • Was reminded there was already a 2nd coil. User forgot and was prompted.
    • 43:30
      • Searching for 2 loop coil.
      • Text alert said "to the right" an49d used that as a cue.
    • 44:30
      • properly describes the magnet position relative to the 2 coils and knows there's a the difference between the coils because of the different bump sounds.
    • 49:00
      • Describing the sounds. Knows the more intense organ sound is important, but admits to explore it more
      • (warning) Text alerts are getting in the way.
    • 52:12
      • Asked what happens when you move magnet quickly and said they couldn't tell the difference in sound.
    • 53:00
      • Asked about the differences in coil sounds
      • Can't figure out if there's a difference. Spent so much time figuring out positioning that wasn't focusing and remembering the difference in sounds between the 2 coils.
    • 56:04
      • Identifies that the sounds in the 2 loop coil are lighter and not as deep compared to the 4 loop coil
      • Says that the sounds from the 2 loop coil "all of them" are a pitch higher.
    • 58:16
      • Asking to describe the sounds when flipping magnet, but magnet is inside the coil
      • can hear a difference between the different polarity.
    • 1:00:00
      • Asked to describe the sim as if to a friend.
      • Described it has something to do with magnet and electricity, and differences between two coils
      • Hasn't quite figured out the purpose of the N and S poles
    • 1:01:00
      • Asked whether this will help someone with impairment understand FL?
      • Answers tentatively, it's a memory thing - keep remembering what state it was previously
    • 1:02:00
      • Said it would be great if there was some way to get a quick reference "this is what it is and this is where you are"
      • You have to tab or shift-tab to find out stuff and it can be confusing.
    • 1:04:00
      • What do you like / dislike?
      • Dislikes not knowing what's going on.
      • Says they would like to be oriented "on my own". Feels like they will need to find a sighted person.
    • 1:06:00
      • Compare to other sims used previously?
      • Said having some previous experience does help. Knows to use arrow keys, knows to more through descriptions.
      • Didn't get a good sense what is happening in FL.
      • Said this one is a more complex, says he feels stupid. Still hasn't figure out what the point of the N and S poles are.
    • 1:09:00
      • (warning) Wasn't clear that the N and S poles are ON the magnet. Didn't make the association.
    • 1:10:40
      • Asked about whether the sound and descriptions worked well together
      • Says they worked well, but had to get used to the presence of the pause that was throwing them off.
      • Increasing speech rate helped.
      • Doesn't like when the tones and descriptions overlap each other - not clear
        • Doesn't think there was a problem with overlapping
        • Says can hear both description and tones comfortably - one isn't louder than the other
    • 1:12:20
      • Asked if there was a instance where the sounds and description really helped make something clear.
      • Tones and the dings with description let them know they hit something key.
      • Associates the presence of sound with getting to the "meat of things"
    • Sim's capabilities meet my requirements - Agree.
    • Using the sim is a frustrating experience - somewhat agree
    • Using the sim is easy to use - somewhat disagree
    • I have to spend too much time correcting things in the sim - strongly disagree
    • Sound were helpful - strongly agree
    • Sounds were interesting - strongly agree
    • Sounds were pleasant - strongly agree
    • Sounds were easy to understand - strongly agree
    • Sounds were relatable to their ideas - strongly agree
    • Easy to matych sounds to the meanings - strongly agree
    • It was difficult to understand how the sounds changed from one variable to the next - strongly disagree (more of a memory issue
    • Sounds were fun - somewhat agree
    • It was boring sound - disagree
    • Confusing - disagree
    • Easy to understand what the sounds mean - Strongly agree
    • The sim was complex - somewhat agree
    • The sim is easy to use - somewhat disagree
    • I need a technical support to use this - disagree
    • Functions were well integrated - somewhat agree
    • Too much inconsistency in the sim - disagree
    • I think others will learn to use this sim quickly - somewhat agree
    • I found it awkward to use - neutral
    • I felt confident using this sim - somewhat disagree


  • 608 Appears to be an experienced user - faster rate of speech, navigating quickly through PDOM
  • 3:00 - appears to be having problems figuring out that focusing on the magnet is where you begin.
    • looking through the PDOM multiple times, and the Control Area, but can't find where to begin.
  • 4:10 - comments about missing something
  • 5:30
    • Asked what she was looking for, and was told to switch modes from Browse to Forms mode
    • (question) How often does this situation come up? Should instructions be put somewhere (i.e. in the Help or scene summary?)
  • 7:30
    • "I'm very confused" - can't seem to figure out how to get to magnet and move it