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  • Go through the UX deliverables as stated to Mellon
  • Assess, prioritize, and delegate responsibility
  • Share a draft UX Release Plan with the community

Technical Architecture

21. Client-side Toolkit Review

52. Server-side Presentation Frameworks
The current plan for Fluid is to support two primary server-side presentation frameworks: RSF and Spring Web MVC. We'll discuss this plan and the potential for allowing developers to add bindings to other frameworks as needed.


  • Roles and Responsibilities for Client and Server
  • Types of components and their relationship to the server
  • Transformation engine architecture

14. JavaScript Strategies for Portals
Portals represent a particularly complex environment for dynamic HTML and JavaScript. We'll discuss the best strategies for encapsulating and isolating JavaScript logic within portlets, Sakai tools, and in the portal frame itself.

45. Overview of uPortal Presentation Layer (DLM, etc.)

76. Fluid Project Security Policy
One of the early stated deliverables for the Fluid Project is a comprehensive security plan. Based on a proposal from the ATRC team, the group will discuss and draft a community security policy and testing strategies for UI security.

  • Security policy for reporting and handling security vulnerabilities within the community
  • Testing and architectural strategies for security

87. Coding Session

  • Ideas:
    • Porting the Re-orderer to YUI, JQuery, Prototype/scriptaculous, etc.
    • Converting PreferAble from JSF to RSF and Spring MVC
    • Work on new, small Fluid components: eg. date widget, tree component, etc.