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  • Discuss process for doing walk-throughs/reporting and sharing this information - 1 hour - (Paul)
    • Refinement of walk-through protocols and reporting process
  • Discuss and refine accessibility heuristics
  • Discuss process for sharing results out with the community - 1 hour (Paul)
  • Presentation of walkthrough report on Moodle - 1 hour - Herb Wideman
  • Report on Accessibilty walkthrough of Moodle - 30 min - Ron Owston

2. Identify & prioritize potential "componentizable" solutions (synthesis across products) - 1 Day (Daphne)


Ron Owston will demonstrate progress to date on VULab (30 minabout 60 min.) and discuss ways that developers can become involved.

Technical Architecture

1. Client-side Toolkit Review
Members of the Fluid technical community have been gathering information and experiences with various client-side JavaScript toolkits. The group will discuss and decide upon options and criteria for selecting one or more supported toolkits.