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  • (U) Contextual Help
    • Often none at all
    • If there is, inconsistent and non-holistic
    • Difficult to locate
  • (S) Pop-up help component
    • In resources (uploaded files and edit details), it is unclear what the meanings of many of the data elements are (display name, creator, date created, subject, and keywords)
  • (M) User looking into available (uploaded) course resources from this link in the activities box is not given any indication about what type of document is being listed
  • (M) The assignment marking help does not properly explain what the dropdown menu does
  • (M) Web page entry editor will accept formatted RTF but this is not specified
  • (M) Calendar entry types are user or course - not defined, no help, who sees what?
  • (M) In course format drop-down menu there are formats that are not described in the contextual help
  • (M) When you create an assignment activity, the help menu doesn't explain the various types of assignments possible. You have to create a specific type and then see what it's like

Info Sharer

2B / All
The ability to share information entered through one tool with other tools.

  • (M) If you manually add a new event to the Calendar, it does not show up on Weekly topic page.

RSS Aggregator

2B / All
Multiple RSS feeds displayed on a page.

  • (S) RSS Aggregator
    • Allow me to set up a "news" page with news from various sources
    • Current tool only allows one RSS feed per tool
    • More general RSS feed aggregator
    • Aggregation of sets of RSS feeds


1 / All
Sent notifications and the ability to manage and set preferences.

  • (S) Notifier/Notifications
    • Particularly with adding participants, a user needs to see and customize outgoing message
    • Many notifications across Sakai - what is common? Wouldn't want to customize "file uploaded" notification
  • (M) Unable to automatically notify students by email when a new resource is created

Print Preview

2B / All

  • (S) Print component with preview to capture portioned screen