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0.1 Release Goals

1. Get the Reorderer into the hands of developers.

The Reorderer is ready to be used for a variety of drag and drop sorting tasks. The 0.1 release will provide developers with a solid snapshot of the Reorderer code, along with documentation and example code to help them use it most effectively. We'd like to see the Reorderer integrated widely into Sakai, uPortal, and other applications. The 0.1 release will enable this.


  • Remove the remaining bits of legacy Lightbox code from Reorderer
  • Fix drag and drop bugs
  • Write documentation

2. Establish a release process.

The Fluid community needs a clear release process, and the 0.1 release provides us with an opportunity to experiment with and establish this process. This will also set the stage for putting out regular milestone releases, which will in turn make it easier to integrate our work and sync up with Sakai's and uPortal's schedules. Our goal is to, over time, automate as much of this process as possible.

Time line

  • Code Freeze: Thursday, November 8


  • Release Day: Wednesday, November 21

Fluid 0.1 Release Deliverables


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