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These tasks provide an indication of the functionality that needs to be built for is planned for future versions of the Lightbox component. They are succinct summaries of the work outlined within Daphne's scenarios and wireframes. They are used for development tracking purposes, and . These aren't intended to be robust requirements or full-fledged user stories, but rather serve as an indication of work to be done and as a starting off point for conversations among members of the Fluid community.

Iteration 1: Basic Keyboard-Accessible Interaction

  • Display a collection of images to the user in the same way as is currently done by the Gallery tool. (Done)
  • Provide a way for the user to cycle through each image in a collection using the left/right arrow keys (Done)
  • Enable the user to select a particular image to move using the keyboard (Done)
  • Provide a way for the user to move to and specify the location where the selected image should be moved using the left/right arrow keys on the keyboard (Done)
    • Modify the Gallery tool permanently store the order of images in a collection to the database (Done)
    • Modify the Gallery to save a new image order via an AJAX or POST request (Done)
  • Implement ARIA roles for keyboard interaction with the Lightbox (Done)

Iteration 2: Full Keyboard Access

  • Allow the user to cycle through the list images in a collection using the up/down arrow keys (Done)
  • Enable the user to move an image within a collection with the up and down arrow keys (Done)
  • Add support for IE 6 & 7 (Done - some bugs outstanding)

Iteration 3: Mouse-based drag and drop

  • Implement the appropriate ARIA roles for drag and drop within the Lightbox component. (Done)
  • Provide a means for the user to drag and drop images within a collection to re-order them using the mouse. (Done)

Iteration 4: Refinement and Generalization

  • Refine user interface appearance and interactions based on testing and expert design feedback. (In progress)
  • Generalize and re-implement the Lightbox using the YUI toolkit.
  • Implement the appropriate AccessForAll metadata for the component.
    • This metadata will be our first attempt at starting to build a taxonomy of user interface components
    • Provides a programmatic way to refer to and address UI components based on clear semantics
    • Includes the following information: What is the role of this component? How can it be controlled? What modalities does it support? What accessibility qualities does it have?
    • Will have to be defined from scratch

Iteration 5: Magnification and Linearization


For more specific details about Lightbox-related tasks and issues, please see our Fluid Issue Tracker.

  • Refine the Lightbox's support for ARIA roles and states
  • Significant user testing and reworking for screen reader and screen magnifier support

For more information about future plans for the Reorderer, the framework library that provides the Lighbox's core functionality, please see the Reorderer Roadmap page.