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1) As the user starts typing in the textbox on top of the table, it displays all entries (first/last names) that start with the entered character(s) as a dropdown below the textbox.
2) If there are more than 10 items to be displayed (as user types), display a "more" option at the bottom of the dropdown
3) When the user hits enter, all entries that start with the entered character(s) get displayed in the main table with refreshed paging
4) When the filtered subset is displayed, clicking on a column header will re-sort within the subset
5) Clicking on 'Back to All' link takes the user back to the non-filtered whole set
6) Clearly indicate to the user that they are viewing a subset by explicitly stating (i.e. Results for "mi") AND changing the colour of the page (note: look into other instances where colour is used within Sakai)

Design Mockups 


Adding Design 2: the total number of pages in the design above:is shown

Design 2 (always showing 3: the first two and last two pages ):are always shown

Design 3:4: text box allows user to type in the page they want to get to. Total number of pages is shown.

Slider design: The number of items per page can be adjusted by stretching/shrinking the slider OR selecting a number from the dropdown at the top right.

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