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Video recording

  • Law and Design CoLab
    • It is a Civic Tech project
    • An entirely volunteer non-profit group
    • An interdisciplinary teem
    • Mission to promote design thinking and cross-sector collaboration in Ontario's Justice sector
  • Civic Tech
    • a multidisplicnary group of designers and developers
    • been meeting meeting weekly in Toronto for the past few years.
  • Ontario Standard Form Lease Redesign
    • original
      • came out in 2014
      • it's a fillable PDF that took over a year of consultation to produce
      • the hope is that standardization will make it easier to understand
      • however it's not what the advocates had actually wanted
        • in practical use landlords still use their own rent document and attach this form as an appendix
    • redesign
      • goals
        • digital, accessible, interactive, connected to resources
      • short timeline
      • phases
        • full prototype in Figma
          • will include design language including contrasts and etc
          • language updated
        • user testing using Figma or vision
        • Development