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Design Handbook

Fix the 3-dimensions posts on the ILDH

Add activities from (BiT, createathon) co-design sessions to the ID GuideDana, Jon
Update user-continued design entry in the Guide, also consider replacing the word "user"Dana, Colin

Multilingual EntryAlan
Based on SJRK localization work, UIO multilingual experiment
Digital Divide EntryAlan
Based on conversations from SJRK and other areas about building tools for audiences that lack reliable internet connectivity, exist on the margins geographically / economically...
Multimodal Design EntryAlan
Based on Guelph presentation
Create a landing page for our design toolkit on the IDRC site

Address issues based on feedback from Grace and KathyDana

Nexus science lab video entrySimon/Alan/Caren
What might that look like? "People" to discuss.