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  • Coding to Learn and Create
    • Website and visual identity
    • Coding prototype and exploration
    • REB
  • Storytelling (SJRK, Floe)
    • Storytelling events about learning reflections
    • Story viewing site
  • CISL
    • Face-to-Face at IDRC Apr 8
    • Preferences Framework development work
    • Readium development work
    • Preference Server development work
  • Platform Co-op
    • Platform co-op website redesign, visual identity and implementation start
    • Beauty workers website
    • Co-design with partner coops
  • SJRK
    • Updates to the website
      • Partner work descriptions
      • Events
    • Partner subawards
  • APCP
    • Security
  • Floe
    • Lunchboxes
    • ILDH Updates
    • Guide Updates
  • Workshops
    • NROC
    • CCL
  • IDRC Infrastructure
    • figure out solution for docpad sites


Update UIO Docs with Youtube howto videoJon1d

serverFluid Project Issue Tracker

Jon0.5d - Update the Web Content Guide with answers to questions asked.

Jon,5dInclusive and Accessible Web Content Guide
Centre for Creative Leadership WorkshopJon, Jess5d

Early April.

  • Workshop
  • UIO Integration in ValueAble Leader Project.

    NROC Members MeetingJon5dMid March, panel on A11y

    • Explore opportunity to help bring metadata work to PB. Autogeneration of MD based on content.

    serverFluid Project Issue Tracker

    Drupal Module Updating by OpenConcept team

    Mike Gifford's blog post:


    Improving i18n integration of Wordpress plugin

    Some discussion with a member of the PressBooks team at