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EXAMPLES Screen reader, alternative keyboard, refreshable Braille device, screen magnifier.


data element Editors' note: these may also be referred to as terms, term 

unit of data for which the definition, identification, representation and permissible values are specified by means of a set of attributes

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 \[ISO/IEC 11179-1:2004, 3.3.8\]  \[ISO/CEI 11179-1:2004, 3.3.8\]


dataset, term set

identifiable collection of data  


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 \[ISO 9241-11:1998, 3.1\]  \[ISO 9241-11:1998, 3.1\]

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user experience

those aspects of interfaces or resources that a person experiences including but not limited to interfaces, presentations, augmentations (e.g. captions, descriptions), alternate resources (e.g. a different way to learn about gravity that doesn’t require vision), language, culture, and cognitive complexity.

3 Symbols and abbreviations