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Assistive technologies in a specific class are conformant when they respond to the generic elements of ISO/IEC 24751 that apply to that class (e.g., screen readers would respond to screen reader elements). Editors’ note: this notion of ‘generic’ has to be sorted.

What should be standardized

  1. Principles
  2. Registry of CORE/COMMON TERMS --  and Registry Entry Format  
    1. ID, <NAME>, value range, description
  3. Process for Adding new COMMON TERMS  (Core and "New")
  4. Location of CORE Registry
  5. How to create Application Specific Registries  < SEPARATE PART
  6. "Containers"< SEPARATE PART## COMMON  (contexts / configuration) for adapting a profile (or for switching to a different one?)
      1. device (that is being adapted)   Phone vs 
      2. contextually responsive  
      3. environmental
  7. User specific Conditions for switching profiles
    1.  (when I am in my smaller AMIGO vs when I am at my desk)  

Wiki Markup
&nbsp;\[[LN1]\]Education is concerned with both learners but also teachers and administrators etc. So "user"is more appropriate than 'learner'.

  1.  TNOTE ISO/IEC 24751 focuses on individuals and their needs and preferences from an accessibility perspective.d