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Upcoming Meeting:

Friday, May 11 - 8am PDT / 10am MDT / 11am EDT / 4pm GMT

Breeze: Added


    * Introductions / interest in heuristic work
    * Update from Clayton on accessibility heuristics research
    * Review/thoughts on material shared so far
    * Discuss heuristic checklists
    * Discuss evaluation protocol / format (straw man)
    * Need volunteer evaluators
          o same evaluator for usability and accessibility?
    * Identify leads for Sakai, Moodle, uPortal heuristics (some thoughts on responsibilities):
          o Coordinate / create activity list for each project
          o Split evaluation into reasonable chunks (2 - 3 hours for each evaluator)
          o Coordinate review
          o Coordinate synthesis of findings, prioritization & recommended solutions
          o Coordinate/write report for communities
    * Other?

"To Do" list for creating Heuristic Review Protocol

  1. Create list of usabilty accessibility heuristics (based on recognized principles)
  2. Agree on evaluation/reporting format
  3. Work within "application team" to: 
    1. Agree on user profiles
    2. Break apps into chunks
    3. Create usage scenarios for focus

Evaluation Process (draft)

Assumptions:  Protocol has been created

  1. Individual evaluation by 3 - 5 evaluators
  2. Synthesize and prioritize findings
  3. Brainstorm design session (identify conceptual solutions to high priority issues)
  4. Write and share out report
  5. Incorporate findings into community (some will drive component development - others can be used for general product development in the communities)
    1. Sakai - Integrate into requirements group.  Do we need to create jira tickets?  Are these really "design bugs" conceptually and thus have a different status than requirements?
    2. Moodle - how does this get fed back into the process?
    3. uPortal - how do we integrate into their requirements process?  Deliver findings to the community?
  6. Look for pain across applications? Are there issues a component(s) can address well?


Heuristic checklists to ponder