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Upcoming Meeting


Friday, May 11 - 8am PDT / 10am MDT / 11am EDT / 4pm GMT

Breeze: Removed


    * Introductions / interest in heuristic work
    * Update from Clayton on accessibility heuristics research
    * Review/thoughts on material shared so far
    * Discuss heuristic checklists
    * Discuss evaluation protocol / format (straw man)
    * Need volunteer evaluators
          o same evaluator for usability and accessibility?
    * Identify leads for Sakai, Moodle, uPortal heuristics (some thoughts on responsibilities):
          o Coordinate / create activity list for each project
          o Split evaluation into reasonable chunks (2 - 3 hours for each evaluator)
          o Coordinate review
          o Coordinate synthesis of findings, prioritization & recommended solutions
          o Coordinate/write report for communities
    * Other?

"To Do" list for creating Heuristic Review Protocol