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In attendance: Herb, Paul, Rich, Colin, Kathy, Ron, Dave, Tara, Mike, Shaw-Han, Seamus, Daphne, Clayton, Gary

    * Introductions / interest in heuristic work
    * Update from Clayton on accessibility heuristics research
    * Review/thoughts on material shared so far
    * Discuss heuristic checklists:  Accessibility Heuristic Checklist, Usability Heuristic checklists to ponder
    * Discuss evaluation protocol / format (straw man)
    * Need volunteer evaluators
          o same evaluator for usability and accessibility?
    * Identify leads for Sakai, Moodle, uPortal heuristics (some thoughts on responsibilities):
          o Coordinate / create activity list for each project
          o Split evaluation into reasonable chunks (2 - 3 hours for each evaluator)
          o Coordinate review
          o Coordinate synthesis of findings, prioritization & recommended solutions
          o Coordinate/write report for communities
    * Other?


WCAG 2 Principles
1. Content must be perceivable
2. Interface components in the content must be operable
3. Content and controls must be understandable
4. Content should be robust enough to work with current and future "user agents" (ie. browsers and assistive technologies)