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  • Mike (coordinator)
  • Rich
  • Colin
  • Julie


"To Do" list - User Experience Inspection Protocol


Within the "application" teams:

  1. Agree on user profiles

Working Group Coordination

There is one inspection team per project/application. Teams are expected to be self-organizing and to form their own plans on how to proceed, but to communicate actively with the other teams on their plans and decisions - primarily through the wiki. Much in our approach is experimental, and it will be valuable to record what works, and what does not.  Here is an outline for consideration by the team members and coordinators:

  1. The coordinator arranges an initial team meeting, using the Breeze meeting room or other convenient venue.
  2. The team members identify their areas of experience, expertise, and interest in:
    1. Accessibility - cognitive, visual, etc
    2. Usability
    3. Cognitive walkthroughs
  3. The team discusses the protocol (See Clayton's outline)
    1. What usability heuristics do the members find most suitable?
    2. What accessibility measures/tools are to be used?
    3. What user profiles are to be assumed?
    4. What cognitive walkthrough scenarios are to be attempted?
    5. What refinements are required in the protocol?
  4. The team assesses coverage. What areas are covered, and with how much (desirable) redundancy? What areas aren't covered?
  5. Team member partnerships are arranged where possible to address usability and accessibility synchronously. Team leads are assigned in areas of expertise.
  6. The team discusses the logistics of actual inspection activities:
    1. What are the problems with geographically distributed teams?
    2. Can the Breeze facility help to overcome the problems?
  7. The team discusses reporting:
    1. Does the proposed template meet the team's needs?
    2. Are refinements to the template required?
    3. What additional information will be reported?
    4. How can results be aggregated with those from other teams (consistency, style, references to heuristic principles, etc.)
  8. The team determines the test target and records a clear definition of it, sufficient to permit repeatability of the assessments. (See Paul's notes)
  9. The team creates a test plan covering:
    1. Activity assignments
    2. Schedule
    3. Selected heuristcs, and CW methods
    4. User profiles
    5. Deliverables (what is to be captured from the inspections)
    6. Reporting template
  10. The test plan is published in the wiki.
  11. The team commences the evaluation process.

Evaluation Process (draft)