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  • User would like to see how many students (or announcements, assignments, etc.) there are, rather than how many pages of those items there are
  • Symbols such as |<, <, >, >| are frequently used in paging. But are they sufficient, or do they need to be accompanied by wordings such as "Previous" and "Next"? If so, what do we call |< and >|?
    Depending on the context, |< could be called either "First" or "Newest", >| could be called either "Last" or "Oldest". Are there any other cases?
  • Should each list remember what the user set as the preferred page size (number of items per page)? Or should there be a global setting for this that would affect all of the tables?
  • How do we determine real estate available for page links?
  • How should we calculate page links to display for the mid-range.
  • Where does save function live in cases like gradebook where data has been edited but perhaps not saved before user pages forward?
  • Meta data type formatting -- is this just a configuration for integrators or do we make suggestions?