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Expected Results

Using only the Tab key on the keyboard, move focus to the video player.

  • When tab focus arrives at the video player, the video area should show a blue border around it.
  • Play symbol overlay should not disappear. FLUID-4599
  • The controls should not appear. FLUID-4785

Press Tab once more.

  • The controls should appear. FLUID-4785
  • The Play button should appear white on a blue background.
  • Play symbol overlay should not disappear. FLUID-4599

Press Space key

  • Play symbol overlay should disappear. FLUID-4599
  • Video should start playing.
  • Play button should turn into a Pause button.
  • Pause button should appear as white on blue background.

More to come... For now, use the mouse tests as a guide: All functionality should be available via keyboard-only as well.