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Expected Results

Reload page


Using only the Tab key on the keyboard, move focus to the video player.

  • When tab focus arrives at the video player, the video area should show a blue border around it.
  • Play symbol overlay should not disappear. FLUID-4599
  • The controls should not appear. FLUID-4785

Using only the keyboard, activate and show English Captions

  • The caption menu should disappear.
  • The Captions button should switch to orange on a darker background.
  • An overlay should appear briefly confirming that captions are turned on, then disappear. The overlay should mention the current language, English. FLUID-4601

Using only the keyboard, activate and show English Transcripts

  • The transcript menu should disappear.
  • The transcript area should appear to the right of the video area, containing English transcripts.
  • The icon in the Transcripts button should switch to orange.

Using only the Tab key, tab until the scrubber bar is in focus.

  • Timecode scrubber thumb appears blue with white text and white border.
  • Time should say: "0:00/5:43"

Press and hold the right arrow key for 3 seconds.

  • The timecode scrubber should move steadily to the right.
  • The start time on the time box gets updated to a reasonable new time reflecting the click location.
  • The video image changes reflecting the changing time / location.
  • The caption shows up with the text that's associated with the new video clip.
  • The transcript text scrolls to the transcript text that's associated with the new video clip.

Press and hold the Left or right arrow key to go back and forward on the timeline.

  • The results described above should always happen, adjusted to be relevant to the correct spot in the timeline.