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Evaluation Criteria



Common Features:

  • Responsive layouts using grid or column schemes
  • Push-pull control
  • Special text boxes and labels - alerts, warnings, notes, wells, pre-formatted boxes etc.


 Bootstrap 3.0Foundation 4PurecssPure 0.3.0YAML

Navigation Lists

Tabs(tick)(tick)Implemented using Sections - not Unordered List. (tick) 
Vertical lists(tick)(tick) Implemented using Sections - not Unordered List. (tick) 

(tick) Dropdowns can be attached to almost any content, not just lists. 

Forms: Right aligned labels(tick)(tick) (tick) 
Anchor Buttons(tick) No ARIA role(tick) (tick) 
Normalize(tick)(question) uses a normalize.css, unknown at this time if necolas' normalize. (tick)(tick) 

(error) need to add it yourself


Progressive Enhancement


(tick) uses custom modernizr

Fixed height / Grid item layouts(tick)(tick)  
Progress Bars(tick) No WAI-ARIA markup(tick) No WAI-ARIA markup (minus) 
ThemingBootstrap Theme Roller  PureCSS Skin Builder 
Accessibility Features    
Max Package Size*471,199 bytes1,028,053 bytes 226,559 bytes 
LicenseApache License v2.0MIT Open Source BSD License 
DocumentationFriendly and thoroughTechnical and thoroughMinimal, but complete. 
Community / AdoptionWidely adoptedWidely adopted(question) 
6(question) Unknown(tick) basic experience, not broken. (question) Assume compatible due to Normalize.css 
7(tick) basic experience, not broken.(tick) basic experience, not broken.  
8(tick) basic experience, not broken.(error) not supported  

1 Implemented using Sections - not Unordered List.
2 Dropdown is a JS plugin that can be attached to almost any content, not just lists. * Un-minified



  • Navigation lists: can be mixed with pills and dropdowns, dividers / spacers, flexible tabs placement
  • Javascript components: carousels, modals, drop-downs, tabs, scroll-tracker