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  • Daphne will present a proposal for a working process/best practices for future component development
  • Discuss personas in design
    • Comments, thoughts on personas description on the wiki?
    • What does a comprehensive set of personas look like?  A set of personas are specific to a problem domain -- what is the problem domain?  Is there one for Sakai & Moodle and another for uPortal?  Do we share one?  Are there several for each respective product?
    • What about accessibility personas?
    • Can we create a comprehensive set of personas (including choosing primary & secondary) as part of the content management research project?
  • Agile & UCD if people are interested and there is time
  • Share out a set of recommendations for design process with the community

5. Design Patterns on Fluid - 2 hours (Allison)
Allison will present ideas and facilitate a discussion on the use of Design Patterns in Fluid. We will discuss such questions as: