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  • Make her content available for a greater audience (accommodate students with different learning abilities)
  • Ability to integrate the system/tool with any other common authoring program (no need to migrate all her previous content to a new platform)
  • Ability to get different outputs from a data set
  • Ability to customize output based on needs

Anne is 28 34 and teaches science in a private middle school in Chicago’s central area.  She lives by herself and sometimes looks after her nieces when her sister has a night shift. She really enjoys working with young kids and has been teaching in this school since she got graduated from the teacher's college.


Sara is 17, and she is in the Canadian national rowing team. Currently, she is camping with her team in southern Florida to go through a three week training program for Rio 2016. Her focus is to harmonize her rowing style and timing with her teammates particularly for dual and quad rowing. She tries to record her teammates timing and movements with her iPhone every time they practice and analyze it during their breaks. Based on what she finds, she tries to adjust her movements and improve her performance. Although this strategy has been helpful, in Sarah's mind it has not been very effective. She believes monitoring her teammates while they are all in practice could be more effective. In her opinion, that would help her correct her motions on the spot and build up the required muscle memory. She has discussed her idea with her trainer and they are searching for a tool or application that gets a live feed of each team member's activity and plays it in the background when they are practicing. The coach can also later use that information to spot where inconsistencies are and how the each player can be improved.

Multi-Modal Data Presentation


Personal Goals:

  • Create one of a kind piece

Practical Goals:

  • Satisfy adviser
  • Showcase work in more places
  • Make work accessible for more people

Kira is 26, a graduate student in multimedia and digital communication at Denver University. For her thesis project, she is working on an interactive data visualization that showcases the spread of wealth across United States based on age, gender, ethnicity and education. Her final work will be presented in the university's graduate show as well as several private and public galleries. She is very excited about this project and spends most of her time making it work. She is constantly seeking feedback from her classmates, advisers and her online community to improve her project. Her adviser believes that her project contains valuable information that can be useful for many people in different areas, thus, it should go beyond just being visual and incorporate other senses to convey information. Based on this feedback, she is trying out auditory and tactile sensory outputs and how they can be integrated in her project.