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All controls (view dropdown, paging, sorting) are enabled.  And she sees a note at the top letting her know she is viewing her custom order.  This message continues to display until she removes the custom order. \[fluid:Need to add a button to allow her to turn it off\]   !Back_to_View_List.jpg!


She wants to make sure she hasn't missed a new announcement so decides to sort by date so she can see the most recent.  She's please to see she can easily get back to her instructors custom order.


Announcement Tool Design Changes

  • Change "Date" to "Modified Date"  to more specific.  It might be important for users to know the difference.  If they want to find the announcement in email for instance.
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    Add an "always keep at the top" setting to the announcement creation process. \[fluid:Solves use case for always keeping important announcement at top\]
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    Add a setting while editing an announcement to "not change the modification date" \[fluid:Solves use case that announcement gets edited but instructor doesn't want it getting moved to the top of the list\]
  • Add a New icon to announcements that are new since the user last logged in.  This is not as critical to the reordering since new messages will be displayed at the top of the the list. Still a good thing of course to tell users what they haven't seen yet.


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    -Is this a temporary setting?   What about when announcements get created and modified which automatically changes the order? \[fluid:See above Design ideas, new messages will appear at the top\]-
  • Perhaps a sort dropdown:  Custom, date,  
  • What about students?  If an instructor changes the order of the announcements it may not make sense to students.  They will have no way of understanding this.  Can students control their own order?  If so, then what happens if an instructor changes the order assuming that's how students will see it and a student misses the announcement.  On the other hand, if the student is forced to view the instructors presentation choice and then a new announcement comes in but it comes in 5 messages down (because the instructor ordered them that way) the student may inadvertantly miss the announcement.  This is a pretty big challenge!  Is it worth implementing reorderer here if we cause confusion for many users in order to please a few users work around?
    • All the competetive analysis shows users being able to determine their own order of things.  Announcements is different since instructors are pushing information to students.   Yet, the announcements are also information for students and we want to allow users to view information in meaningful ways for them -- particularly in this day and age of information overload.