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Task 1

Please choose an image of your favorite fruit from the "Fruit" folder on your desktop and put it on the image gallery web page.

Task 2

Now choose images of your 5 favorite vegetables from the "Vegetable" folder on your desktop and put them on the same image gallery web page.

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Task 3

Now, please put all the images of fruit from the "Fruit" folder in on the image gallery web page.  [There should be an error for the files they had already uploaded, once the upload is complete and the errors appear ask them...]  What would you do now?


Task 4

***This is a placeholder for a task that gives the user an error message and thus the "retry" button.  We need to determine if we can complete development done to make this happen.  The retry isn't implemented yet.  You can see the retry in storyboards (

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Task 5

Now put all files images from the "Misc." folder on the desktop onto the image gallery web page.  [As soon as they start the upload, tell them...]  Actually, that was not the folder you meant to upload, what would you do?


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Task 6

And your last task is to put the images for your top 3 picks pick of both herbs and meats into on the image gallery toolweb page. [Want to see if they user the "add more" to select from multiple folders]