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  • Responsive UIO
  • Extend metadata demo to accept more video parameters and alternatives
  • Something related to authoring accessible content
  • Sharing preferences sets, connecting users with common needs
  • Automatic a11y tests using something like deque's axe core or the tool from Google. 
    • A project to setup the infrastructure and write the tests
  • Interactive and inclusive version of the accessible cards
    • would also allow for printing at different sizes and etc.
    • provide a way to add to the content.
  • Vision Technology Service/SNOW – game for teaching kids/adults introductory keyboard shortcuts that are useful for navigating the computer (e.g. using TAB, arrow keys, ENTER; CTRL-TAB, copy cut paste save undo redo; text movement shortcuts like CTRL-arrow keys); it would be a game environment thought, not a Windows/Mac replica; e.g. to move a player along the map, you could use the arrow keys, but to make them jump from town to town (quicker), they could use CTRL with the arrow keys; each location would teach one or two keyboard shortcuts for a function and then perhaps give them a more real life comparison