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Table of Content Zone

Table of Contents


current projects

  • Security (GPII)
  • P4A
  • Sonification
  • Assisting other people with a11y needs (e.g. PhET, Lumen)
  • First Discovery Tool (PGA)
  • Infusion
  • Ops


  • anyone can join--it's not like have to ask permission or get approval--you can just join us

What don't we do well or can do better?

  • we depend on github's infrastructure for our pull requests and the conversations around them


  • how do we make it easier for the whole community to get involved

How can we make things better?

  • come up with "soft" guidelines, heuristics for transparency and collaboration


  • Roll our own collaborative design infrastructure:
    • use a combination of technologies to enable an open versioning system that integrates well with designer tools.
    • example: Adobe Drive CC with Git-LFS?

Questions to Answer (Feb 3, 2016)


Where do we do what?

  • IRC Channels
    • fluid-ops: not private, but also not logged. should be used only for things that should not be logged  i.e. real time coordination of operations tasks
    • fluid-tech: technical conversations that are not interesting to the majority of the community.  i.e. infrastructure plans and development
    • fluid-work: general conversations, sharing information, technical conversations
    • fluid-design: design conversations

How do we deal with scattered information?

  • include how to communicate what we do to "outside world"

How do we get better at summarizing conversations that happen in one medium so that it becomes part of collective memory? Can we find new ways to tie together different communities/collaboration forums?

  • summarize the conversation so far when moving to a new space (new channel, from private to public)
  • point people to where the conversation started if it is moving
  • pirate pad should be treated as temporary and should be transfered to the wiki and mailing list immediately 
  • Preserve links and other relavent information from Vidyo chats in the wiki or other permanent location (put links in pirate pad and then transfer to wiki)
  • continue putting link to current pirate pad (or google doc) into IRC channel (so those who are not in the meeting can access as well)
  • use the mailing list instead of emailing a select group of people
  • Make use of Vidyo's recording features for saving and sharing interesting community meetings and etc.
    • may need to look into getting participant permission for recording the audio and video.
  • daily connection meeting as an opportunity to share about an interesting conversation or meeting that happened and to ask questions

How do we balance community-driven contributions with space for quiet, solitary, private reflection?

Can we find a space where design conversations have the equivalent space (as github for developers) for permanence, openness and in context conversation connected to the artifact being discussed? Including live discusion and sharing of design artifacts.

  • Design team will discuss what workflow works best for them and facilitates the above goals.


  • Add a channel description for fluid-tech ( Alan )
  • Improve the channel descriptions to clear about what they should be used for ( Alan )
  • Investigate slack or mattermost ( ? )
  • Turn the notes into heuristics for community communication ( Michelle and Dana )