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We also conduct regular, open meetings where anyone is welcome and encouraged to join. Below is a list of some of those meetings:


Fluid Daily Standup Meeting 



When? 11:30 am ET (Note: our project works in a number of time zones – use this as a guide for planning)

Where? Vidyo stand-up room

The Fluid working team meets daily in the Fluid Work Connect Room to discuss current activities. For help using the Connect Room, see Web conferencing.

Our daily meeting keeps the team focused and up to date and provides us an opportunity to identify obstacles. Each of the attendees gives a quick update (a couple of sentences) on Fluid related work they have done since the last meeting, and a quick description of Fluid related tasks they will continue working on. Any issues that have arisen are mentioned to the whole team and we either solve the issue very quickly or people self identify as being able to solve it offline and if required a longer meeting is scheduled. The idea behind 'standing-up' at the meeting is to keep it very short - generally 15 minutes. In the IDRC Fluid room, we also stand up so we can easily move in front of the single camera. Curious? Join us!

If you'd like more background, linked is an interesting article on stand-up meetings.

Community workshops

Excerpt Include
Community workshops
Community workshops

View upcoming community workshops »

Community design critiques

Excerpt Include
Community Design Critiques
Community Design Critiques

View upcoming community design critiques »



Check out the Collaborate page for more ways to get involved!

Visit the Fluid Team Google Calendar to find upcoming meetings.

titleHow to participate

Ping us in the IRC Channel or contact us at to get setup with remote collaboration tools.

In person:

Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University
205 Richmond St. W., 2nd floor