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  • Dana Ayotte
  • Simon Bates
  • Julia Foster
  • Jesse Greenburg
  •  Alan Harnum
  •  Jonathan Hung
  • Justin Obara
  • Tim Park
  • Sepideh Shahi
  • Taliesin Smith
  •  Godfrey Wong

This document is a compilation of notes resulting from a meeting that occurred on July 21., 2016

Description of Sim:

Link to the sim:

  • On first load, the screen shows a string of beads attached to a wrench on the left side and attached / anchored to a clamp on the right side.

  • The wrench can be moved up and down with the mouse which causes a wave to travel across the string to the opposite end. The wave will rebound back.

  • Other controls on the sim modify the behaviour of the wave - “damping” and “tension”.

  • You can change the right anchoring to be “fixed”, “loose” and “no end”

  • You can also change the wrench control scheme from “manual”, oscillate, and pulse.