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  • Broadly approachable
  • Hit the ground running
  • Interoperable
  • Scalable and forward-looking
  • Fits the approach of the Fluid community: functional, declarative, Web-oriented

A Broadly approachable means we can services layer technology lets us reach out to a large number of Web developers, allowing them to get involved in the Engage community and technology using skills and languages they may already have some familiarity be familiar with. Looking inwardSimilarly, the Fluid current community itself needs to hit the ground running for with Engage, building the services layer in technologies that are familiar to us and that will ensure we can start development with a will get us coding with minimum ramp-up time. Interoperability is a primary goal of Engage, ensuring that our technologies will work with a wide range of existing authoring tools, content management systems, and other technology infrastructure tools commonly found in museums and on the Web. The Engage services layer needs to fit in well and play nice. At the same time, it needs to be scalable and forward-looking, allowing museums to invest in Engage over long run, without fear that it our services will slow down impossibly when confronted with large collections, and that it they won't quickly go obsolete. Lastly, the Fluid community has built up, over the years, a set of techniques and philosophies for writing software: accessibility, the Open Web, functional programming, and markup agnosticism are common themes in our code. As a community, we embrace diversity and a wide range of styles; shared patterns and techniques in code help make our solutions more coherent and consistent to develop with.

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