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- Let's have, say, 20 images up on the main screen
- Let's also have, say, 500 images in the "background", all networked together
- Selecting one of the image thumbnails might give a bigger, full-screen view of it (appeal to the visual attraction)
- Ask "Do you like this?" -> Ask "What do you like about it?" -> Visitor answers "I like 'this' about it" -> Offer objects from the "background" linked by that relationship
- Offer other paths, such as:
  - "Other visitors who selected this also selected..."
  - "Visitors who put this into their basket also had these items in their basket..."
- Limit the number of objects they can have in their basket (to, say, 10-15)
- Should we allow a way for undeterred browsing through all the 500 objects? Or should we limit this?

Limit the time

- Limit the kiosk experience to 3 minutes!
- If we had web and mobile analogues of the kiosk design, they could have extended experiences on those

Other ideas

- A short, game-like experience: "Do you like this image, or this image? This image, or this image?", and then create a customized experience based on preference implications (a la psychology/personality tests)
- What about the problem of people wanting to come in and see a Van Gogh? How would we cover situations like that?
  - Cover some of the more popular possibilities (e.g., "Greatest hits" tour) in the pre-fabricated tours
- Have "See/join a directed tour by a docent" as an option on the home screen (i.e., pre-authored tour, customized tour, physical tour by docent)